Month: January 2022

New Clip: Pulled Down by the Balls

In this clip, I get myself into a self bondage from which I cannot escape. My wrists are secured in locking cuffs that are locked on and padlocked together. There is a rope that attaches my wrist cuffs over my head. There is a rope around my genitals that runs through a metal ring at the bottom of the post, up over the beam above me, and down to a heavy, lead weight that will keep that rope tight and take up slack as I struggle to escape the harsh tug on my genitals. I am also gagged with a mouth-filling leather gag that is also locked on.

The immediate affect of the rope around my genitals is that I cannot reach the knot to untie my wrists from the overhead beam. As the scene unfolds, I get pulled lower and lower until my genitals are pulled tight against the metal ring at the bottom of the post. There is no hope of escape. About all I can do is squirm helplessly and drool on myself.

You can purchase the full clip here: Pulled Down by the Balls