Month: June 2021

Extreme Swamp Bondage clip

Clips like this sometimes go in my Swamp/Mud bog, but this clip contains some extreme genital bondage/torture. John Marsh is partially suspended in the peat swamp by his genitals in two different scenes. In the first, he is able to flip around and get his face above the surface; especially since his wrists were bound in front of him.

In the second scene, John has no way to get his face back above the mud, once he goes under. All he can do is move carefully to slow his descent. A while after he goes under, he manages to free his wrists and get himself back to the surface. A desperate struggle ensues, as John has to get himself untied while also keeping his face above the surface of the mud.

Link to the clip in our clip store: Extreme Swamp Bondage, 2021-06-19

Steel Bondage Clip

John Marsh is in trouble, again. This time, he’s gagged and cuffed in a modified hog-tie that has his wrists and ankles chained to his genitals. One set of handcuffs is holding his wrists while another set of handcuffs connects his cock and balls to his wrists. His ankles are shackled in steel cuffs. In the opening scene, his ankles are also linked to his genitals with a set of cuffs, and then his bondage is changed so that the chain between his ankle cuffs is wrapped around his cock and balls.

Check out the teaser video below, and click this link: Steel Bondage in the Woods, 2021-06-16 to purchase the full clip.

New Tarzan Clip

I added a new clip to my clips store: Tarzan Spread-Eagle, 2021-04-28

Tarzan (John Marsh) is exploring the woods when he falls victim to a trap and is captured and left helplessly bound in the woods. He is tied in a spread-eagle. The ropes on his wrists and ankles are tight and the knots are well out of his reach. He has no hope of escaping and he cannot call for help because he is gagged with a rag stuffed in his mouth that is held in by a knotted strip of cloth. To keep him from getting to comfortable, his genitals are tied to a stump between his legs.

Noodling on the Spider Web

In case you hadn’t heard, I made a steel spider web some years back. I decided to dig it out of storage and hang it up between some trees in the woods. As with any new structure that I put up, it takes me a while to figure out how best to use it for bondage. This clip shows a few short cuts from my experimentation on the web. As usual, I must keep the freebies short and low quality to conserve bandwidth. I might put a longer, full HD version in my clip store.

Inverted Suspension Short

Here is a free video from today’s photo-shoot of me doing a self-suspension in the woods. No gags or inescapable bondage, but some pretty extreme stuff, and there was some CBT going on also. This is most of the video from the shoot. There will be no full clip in my clip store. (All of my free videos are reduced in quality/resolution to conserve bandwidth. Recent for-sale clips are always full HD.)

New Latex and an Anal Hook

I don’t have a video up, yet, but here are some images and a short preview of some video I shot on June 1, 2021.

I got some new latex garments in the mail, so I had to take some photos. I discovered that the blue tanga latex brief was great with handcuffs around my genitals, so I did some mock scenes of me, handcuffed to some things in the woods.

I was wanting to do an anal-hook video in the clay pit, but the temperature dropped just enough that I wasn’t enthusiastic about the cold clay or taking a cold, outdoor shower afterward to get cleaned up. So, I went into the woods with my anal hook and started playing with ideas.

I ended up in a pretty extreme predicament. I tied a harness around my waist that was also tied around the base of my cock and balls, then I added the anal hook and used the free end of the harness rope to go through a loop in a suspension line and back to the anal hook. That way, as the suspension line was tightened, I’d be lifted half by my harness (which was held in place by the rope between my legs), and the anal hook in my ass.

Once the up-line was tight and my wrists were bound, I had to hold onto the up-line to keep my weight off the hook (and my other sensitive bits). Although my wrists were only bound together, they were effectively bound to the up-line, if I was to avoid the agony associated with hanging on a large metal hook in my anus.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and short video clip. Please purchase my videos if you enjoy my work. I could really use some encouragement.