Month: May 2019

New Clip: Self Bondage Miscalculation

Based on the work I did with the block & tackle, I set up to shoot a video in which the knot I planned to use to release myself was out of reach and the weight, with the help of the pulley system, was too much for me to overcome. The force that was pulling on my wrists was countered by the force of the rope pulling the other direction on my genitals. I was unable to move, and unable to call for help. Nobody was going to find me where I was tied, and escape was impossible.

The good news is that you get to see all this play out in a great video, and I did survive to tell the story. On that note, if there are any self-bondagers out there, I should warn you that I took a lot of time setting this up and making sure I had an actual escape. I also found a spotter to help me out if things did not go as planned. Being caught in this bondage for even a few hours would have been anguish beyond the point of being fun.

You can find this clip in my clip store at this link: Self Bondage Miscalculation, 2019-05-29

Messing with a Block & Tackle

I have been experimenting with this idea for a few days. The concept is pretty simple. I have my genitals tied behind me, my ankles tied together, and my wrists tied to a block & tackle. There is a 30lb (13.5kg) weight suspended and waiting to haul in the line on the block and tackle. Once I get my wrists tied to the pulley block, I release the weight and it pulls my wrists up and away until I can’t move any more because the rope around my genitals is holding me back.

What makes this situation unique is that, for most of my ties, the tightener only takes up the slack in the line. In this case, the heavy weight with a 5 to 1 mechanical advantage doesn’t just take up the slack, it exerts a significant force that translates to a harsh and unrelenting pull on my genitals. I can’t pull my wrists back because the weight is too heavy, but even if I could, I’d have to rely on my genitals to anchor me, so whatever force I apply to pulling back the pulley, is applied to my genital rope. When I say this bind was really tight, I’m not exaggerating at all.

In a setup like this, gravity is your captor. It works to entrap and tighten you, but gravity doesn’t run in reverse and you can’t turn it off. I couldn’t help thinking that nobody would find me there if I couldn’t find a way to escape on my own. The ropes around my wrists were too tight to slip out and the perpetual pull of the weight would not allow me to loosen them.

The rope around my genitals was painfully tight and it was a constant reminder of just how helpless I was to improve my situation. My original escape plan was to release my wrists, but the knot was pulled out of reach. With my ankles tied, there was simply nothing I could do. Things sure weren’t looking good for me, but I should have known this day would come. I’ve been doing self bondage for decades, and eventually, I was bound to make a mistake.

New desperate bondage clip

Strung Out and Broken is a series of strict bondage torment in the woods. I am naked except for a pair of nylon briefs. For pretty much the duration of the scene, my wrists are cuffed and tied to a tree and my genitals are tied to an opposing tree. In the beginning I’m standing. In the next segment I’m face down on the ground and for the final segment I’m on my back. For all but the final segment I am gagged and drooling. I forgot the gag in the last bit. As a bonus, I added a final shot of me, masturbating to orgasm after an invigorating scene.

The good news is that this clip has a teaser that you can check out!

Link to clip in the clip store: Strung Out and Broken, 2019-05-18

Tighter & Tighter, new clip and behind the scenes video

I guess this tight thing is a recurring theme for me. I like my bondage tight and I like to know that I cannot escape. It’s great when I can find someone else to tie me up, but often I find there is no one around when I am ready to engage in a bondage fantasy. Consequently, I’ve become quite proficient at putting myself into extreme bondage with no way out; with the help of some gadgets.

Behind the scenes video: Tying myself up for the scene.

The new clip is another scene where I am stretched between 2 hard-points, but in this clip, my genitals are pulled at an upward angle. As the ropes get tighter, I have to hold my hips up to alleviate the stress on my genitals. At the beginning of this scene, I’m laying flat on the ground, but the ropes are tight enough that I can’t release myself. About 2-3 minutes in, the ropes tighten so I am stretched tight and I have to hold up my hips. About 5 minutes further in, my ankles are tied to my genitals so I am pulling on my genitals with my ankles as I try to raise my hips. Hence the name, “Tighter and Tighter”. In spite of all of my moaning and protesting, the bondage just keeps getting worse.

Clip Store Link: Tighter and Tighter, 2019-05-11

Stretched Tight

In this scene, my wrists are in locking cuffs that are padlocked to a chain that is secured to a tree, and my genitals are secured to a root on the opposite side, so I am caught between the tree and the root with nowhere to go. My ankles are suspended so I cannot even roll from side to side. I am naked except for some tiny PVC briefs and a ball gag.

When the scene opens, I still have some room to wiggle, but the rope attached to my genitals is slowly tightened over the course of 5 minutes or so, until I am stretched tight between the root and the tree and my poor genitals are under continuous stress. I struggle without hope as the sun sets and darkness looms. It looks like it’s going to be a long night.

Clip link: Stretched Tight, 2019-05-02

Chained & Gagged

In this cruel scene, my captor has locked my wrists behind my back with steel handcuffs, I am gagged, and my hips are elevated by a chain that goes from a second set of steel cuffs that are locked around my genitals, to my chained ankles, and to an anchor point high in a tree.

About all I can do is struggle to achieve some relief from the harsh chains. I cannot rest without hanging by my genitals, and I have no chance of escaping on my own.

Clip link: Stretched Tight, 2019-05-02

I had help with this scene. I wanted a roving camera to get lots of angles and closeups. Therefore, there was no timed release. I had to trust that my camera operator would let me go, eventually, rather than absconding with my camera gear and leaving me there to be eaten by insects.

The steel bondage was a bit harsh, but I enjoyed this scene a lot. It was a legitimate struggle and it made me pretty horny. I fantasize about scenes like this one all the time. Of course, in my fantasies, I am left there a lot longer. That’s the great thing about fantasies; they don’t result in permanent nerve damage. Be sure to play safe out there!