Month: July 2021

New Clip: Triple Torment

John Marsh is chained in the dome by his wrists, which are locked on and chained to opposite sides of the dome. In the opening scene, he is gagged and hooded. His ankles are belted together and his genitals are tied to a hard point behind him.

In the second scene, the hood is removed and his genitals are pulled up closer to the hard point so he can no longer get any slack in that rope.

In the third and last scene, the rope from his genitals has been routed through a hard point in the floor so that he is hanging by his wrists and held down by the rope around his cock and balls.

Check out the teaser below, and follow this link: Triple Torment, 2021-07-23 to purchase the full clip in our clip store.

Chained in the Dome (pictures)

I was testing an idea and I grabbed some 4k video at the same time. The concept here is that my wrists are chained to opposing sides of the dome and my genitals are tied behind me, so I’m in a three-way fix in which I can move around a bit, but I can’t reach anything. My wrists are in locking cuffs that are padlocked to the chains, and the rope around my genitals is tied where I can’t even hope to reach it.

I’m just posting a couple of frames from the video, for now. I’m not sure what will happen to the video. It’s long enough that I could make a short clip for my clip store. Otherwise, I might post a short segment of it here. I have no idea how many people are following this blog, but I hope someone enjoys my silly images and videos. If you don’t know, you can find me on Twitter as @mudbondage.

New Steel Bondage Clip

This clip features several different scenes with steel cuffs. In two of the scenes, John Marsh is locked to an anchor point on the ground, in the dirt. He gets pretty dirty, as he rolls around, trying to escape.

John starts out on his back with his wrists cuffed and locked to the anchor point in the ground. His genitals are cuffed to the edge of a bench, he is gagged and his ankles are chained together with leg shackles.

In the second scene, his wrists and his genitals are chained to the anchor point in the floor. In the final scene, he is sitting on the bench with his genitals double-cuffed to the bench. His wrists are handcuffed behind his back. Here is the link: Dirty Steel Bondage, 2021-06-29 – Check out the teaser video, below …