Month: December 2022

Harnessed and Cuffed

Not tied to anything, but helpless to fightback or remove my gag!

December 15 was a very mild day (about 25C) after the rain stopped. I took advantage of the day to set up some outdoor bondage scenes and get some photos. I didn’t shoot any video of the first scene, but I did manage to capture some video of the scene where my genitals were cuffed to the tree behind me.

In all of the scenes, my wrists were cuffed behind my back and the cuffs were tied into a strict hip harness, tied around and across my genitals. With my wrists cuffed that way, I was defenseless. I was also gagged so I could not cry out for help.

In the first scene, my genitals were cuffed to a tree in front of me. The cuff around my genitals was also hooked into the harness so there was no way to slip out of it. My ankles were bound and my neck was tied to a tree behind me to keep me pulling on the cuff around my genitals.

Scroll down to see a short video from the second scene. Also, several of the closeups in the gallery are from the second scene.

I didn’t get any pictures of the third scene, although I did get some video (not shown). In that scene, my genitals were lashed to the tree with the cord that was used for my hip harness. That did give my arms a bit more freedom, but it was a much tighter and more limiting genital tie. Sorry, I don’t have any images.