Month: November 2020

New Clip: Tied in Gold Lame Shorts

I’m going to let the teaser video do most of the talking on this one. John Marsh gets himself in a real bind. This is a self bondage using a timed release. Before the timer releases him, there is nothing he can do to escape. He cannot shout for help because he is wearing a strict gag. If someone were to find him in the woods, he would be at their mercy.

Self Torment in Gold Lame Shorts, 2020-11-26

You may purchase the full clip from our Clips4Sale store using this link: Self Torment in Gold Lame Shorts, 2020-11-26

Clips4Sale Promotion

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I’ve been shooting new clips and getting some more clips ready for publishing. Since I dropped my PornHub channel, I will have to put everything up for sale. Hopefully, I’ll get some sales so I can justify making new clips.

I should note, in case you didn’t see it on my old PornHub channel, that I am available for custom clips and I’m open to suggestions. You can hit me up at @Mudbondage on Twitter. I’m afraid I don’t have an Instagram account. I’m pretty sure they would kick me off pretty quickly.

Here is a frame from some video I shot very recently. It’s easier to tell in the video that my cock and balls are tied down to the bench, because I twist and pull in a vain attempt to free myself. My wrists are tied apart, which makes escape pretty much impossible. The video will be coming soon. Check back here in a couple of days. Maybe I’ll post a short teaser.

New Clip: Chained on the Ground

Chained on the Muddy Ground, 2020-11-11 is a dark, messy clip where I am locked into cuffs and tethered to a hard point in the ground on a rainy day. There are actually three setups in the clip. The first two are similar in that my wrists and elbows are locked behind me and a set of handcuffs connect my genitals to my wrist cuffs. My ankles are bound close to my crotch in both scenes so the overall tie is much like a hogtie. In the last scene, my genitals are strapped to the hard point in the ground and my wrists are free, so I can masturbate myself to orgasm.

I think this clip turned out pretty good, considering that the weather would not cooperate and I got so much sand in my locks that I nearly wasn’t able to remove some of the cuffs. I had to leave my wrist cuffs on until I could clean enough of the sand out of the padlocks that I could insert a key. I had to use artificial light because it was so dark in the shelter. Also, it was raining so hard at times, it’s hard to hear me moaning. The second scene is better because the rain let up a bit and I am not gagged.

It’s a very gritty clip and the struggle is very real. The red denim-look shorts and the tight leather strap around my balls made it impossible for my cock and balls to slip free. If anything else had gone wrong, I’d still be out there. It was intense. Oh, and the orgasm at the end was also very intense.

Store link: Chained on the Muddy Ground, 2020-11-11

New Clip: Cuffed Between Two Trees

I still have some old clips to upload to my store, and I have been shooting new stuff. I just haven’t been keeping up on uploading. I upload things to PornHub from time to time, but they have a habit of rejecting my videos, so I go to the work of editing and uploading just to have the video disappear.

The video I just uploaded was recorded in March 2020. My only complaint about this video is that I couldn’t seem to stop sniffling. Apparently, my sinuses were not well and the gag makes it impossible to clear anything. Otherwise, the scene is pretty hot. I have no hope of escaping, as my wrists are cuffed around a tree and my balls are cuffed to another tree behind me. My ankles are also cuffed to the tree. Any one of those cuffs would have kept me where I was.

The cuffs around my balls were pretty tight and they have my hips hiked up so I have to stay on my tip-toes. It’s pretty uncomfortable and I struggle in earnest to get comfortable, but my efforts are in vain. There is simply nowhere to go and no way to escape.

Here is a link to the video in my clip store: Cuffed Between Two Trees, 2020-03-08