Month: November 2022

New Clip: Self Bondage Instruction

I got this idea for how to tie my arms behind my back and I set out to shoot a short video of me, tying it on myself. It was the first time I had done the complete tie and I didn’t get it quite right, so I decided the next day to try it again. The second day I did a much better job of tying it, but looking at the video revealed some more improvements I could make. So, two days later I went back out to make a 3rd attempt at essentially the same tie.

I think the 3rd attempt was pretty good, but I’m going to try some improvements in the future. For now, I edited the three attempts (mostly the final attempt) into a 17 minute video that features about 7 minutes of tying instruction. The other 10 minutes is an earnest and hopeless struggle to escape. I was unable to escape any of the 3 attempts, so, in that regard, they were all a success. I just made the bondage neater and more secure with each attempt.

I also used a different hip harness on each attempt. All of the harness were designed to crush or otherwise penalize my balls when I pulled back against them. In the first attempt, I was wearing tight jeans, so the ropes were all over the top. In the second one, I tied a steel handcuff that was clamped around my genitals into the harness so it would not come off as I struggled to get free. In the final harness, I had my genitals captured and split by the rope harness and my wrists were also secured to the harness in back. Here is a link to the full video in my clip store: Self Bondage Instruction in 3 Takes

New Clip: Crotch Splitting Torment

This was a great predicament in the woods, but it got cut short by a battery failure. The video is only 2 minutes long; it almost seemed silly to make a teaser version, but I did. The video recording and the scene were both great while it lasted.

John Marsh was gagged, his ankles were cuffed together, his genitals were harnessed in my new design where a rope harness secures a steel cuff around the package and a cord splits the balls for added torment. John’s wrists were locked onto one end of a spreader bar and a chain to his crotch harness was locked to the other end. He was hoisted up high and the spreader bar was chained high up in the trees, so John had to stretch out.

This predicament is far more insidious than it appears. The victim can reach nothing to free themselves and there is no way to move or rest that doesn’t result in a tugging on the genitals. It’s really very good.

Here is the link to the full (2 minute) clip in our clip store: Ball Splitting Torment

Free BTS Clip

I shot this clip while I was experimenting with a new harness that is used to secure a steel cuff around the genitals so it cannot slip off and feels really erotic when it is tugged at an upward angle. Most of my genital bondage works best when pulled backwards, through the legs. With this harness, the handcuff chain points upward. I hope this short clip explains it better than I can with words. I am planning to shoot a “real” video using this harness in the near future.

New Clip: Self Bondage in I&B Hot Pants

Ishtar & Brute, that is! My clothing fetish is getting the best of me. Previously, I did some posing in my custom fitted hot pants, but I was pining to get tied up in them. Different fabrics and designs feel different when I tie something around my genitals and tug on them, while they are inside the garment. The way I tie myself also makes a difference. Today I started with handcuffs around my cock and balls and I ended with a 1/4″ (6mm) soft nylon rope.

One of my goals for my video was to get a really high quality recording with the focus on my new hot pants. The angles are pretty tight and parts of me are often cut off. However, I think I captured the essence of the bondage and I changed it up, several times. Because I wanted to keep things moving, I didn’t use any timers or get myself into any inescapable predicaments. I always had the keys within reach so I could set myself free and rearrange things a bit.

I think the end result was pretty good. I enjoyed editing it and I also found it pretty exciting to watch. Of course, I have a thing for the shiny black, leather-look briefs. I feel like those briefs are something like Conan the Barbarian might have worn. I need to find some medieval looking upper body “armor” to complete the wardrobe.

Clip Link: Self Bondage in I&B Hot Pants, 2022-11-11 (Teaser video is below)

New Clip: No Place to Rest

John Marsh finds himself gagged, with his wrists handcuffed behind him with 2 sets of handcuffs. One set is padlocked to his belt and the lower set is handcuffed, with a 3rd set of handcuffs, to his genitals. This leaves him unable to slip his arms down around his hips, or pull them up away from his buttocks.

To keep him on the floor and off balance, his ankles are padlocked together in locking leather cuffs and a painfully tight rope that is looped around his genitals is passed through the padlock holding his ankles together and up to a hardpoint on the ceiling. That rope is kept tight by a weight that pulls it through a one-way tightening device so he cannot ever get back any slack he gives up in his effort to find comfort.

Of course, John’s gag is strapped on very tightly and padlocked, and the keys he needs to free himself are nowhere within reach. It’s another diabolical trap from which he may never escape. Here is the link to purchase the full clip: No Place to Rest, 2022-10-30. You can view the teaser/preview clip, below …