Month: August 2022

Ball Splitter Concept Testing

Caught in the Middle

This was a test of a variation on my signature genital torture bondage. The setup is simple; the subject is tied between two hard points such that he cannot reach either one to release himself. The bondage is too tight to get out of, so the subject’s hands don’t need to be tied. Of course, adding more bondage would make the predicament even more torturous. One might also want to keep their victim from removing a gag or something.

A related ball-splitting harness

The bondage itself consists of two cords. One is wrapped around the base of the genitals, pulled between the legs, toward the back and tied to the hard point behind the subject. The second one is tied first around the subject’s waist and locked off in back, then passed (back to front) between the legs, through the loops formed by the first cord, across the balls, and through the cord waist loop in front. The free end is then tied to the hard point in front and pulled tight so the subject cannot move. His struggles tug at his genitals and forcefully split his balls. If he can’t reach the hard points, he is stuck in the middle. If the hard points are up high, he can be forced onto his tip-toes, leaving him no way to rest without inflicting pain on himself.

It’s just a concept, for now.

Strict Genital Bondage

This is a preview of a clip we shot on August 6. The clip hasn’t been released for sale.* In this scene, John Marsh is harnessed with rope such that there is a rope around his genitals that is pulled backwards, through a steel ring, between his legs, and wrapped around his waist. The free ends are then pulled over his shoulders and tied off in front so there is no way he can reach the knot when his wrists are cuffed behind him and the cuffs padlocked to the harness.

There is another rope around John’s genitals that goes through the steel ring that is also around the rope that goes between his legs, then the ends are tied off to a hardpoint on the ceiling such that John has to stand on his tip toes to avoid tugging hard on his genitals which are trapped by the two, opposing ropes.

John is also gagged, and he is left to dance around on his toes, trying to avoid the strict tugging on his genitals that is crushing his balls in his tight-fitting, rubberized briefs.

*this clip may not get released because we plan to shoot a similar scene outdoors that we hope will be more interesting.

New Clip: On the Chain

On the Chain

This is another “On the Chain” video; I believe it’s the 3rd one, but this one is different. In this case, I’m standing on my tip-toes on a fallen tree with a chain through my crotch that is holding me on my toes. I’m wearing tiny, PVC briefs and my genitals are double-cuffed to the chain. My wrists are also handcuffed behind my back and padlocked to the chain, so I cannot move forward or back … like I could, anyway. I don’t dare step off the tree or I’d spin around and be hanging, upside down by my wrists and genitals. It’s a pretty precarious situation, but there is absolutely nothing I can do. I am also gagged and drooling, and of course, I’m bare footed.

This is a really high quality video with lots of different angles (check out the teaser). Here is the link to the full video: On the Chain, 2021-10-14

Self Bondage Trap (free short)

Self Bondage Pickle

This is a short version of a longer clip we shot on August 1, 2022. Generally, when I do a self bondage, there is a restraint that is attached to some kind of timed release, such that I get partially freed after a predetermined amount of time, the idea being that I’ll then be able to get myself out of my predicament. That method sometimes leaves me in a tight, painful situation well past the time when I would want to get out of it. So I don’t want you to think I’m able to escape whenever I feel like I’ve had enough. In a way, that’s what makes the timed release better than an empathetic person who would likely release me when I indicate that the discomfort is becoming intolerable.

What was different about this self bondage, is that there is no release mechanism. To secure my wrists behind my back, I used a loop of nylon strap (the strap is sewn into a continuous loop). I used a cat’s paw knot to tighten the cinch between my wrists after passing the rope through a cleat secured to the post behind me. Once the cinch was tightened, I could no longer free my wrists. I couldn’t reach the knot between my wrists because my wrists were bound too tight. I could tighten the cat’s paw, but I could not loosen it. In other words, I had no way out. None. All I could do was struggle, sweat and drool. I did manage to turn around so I was facing the post with the wrist cinch line running between my legs, holding my wrists against my backside. Unfortunately, that didn’t improve my situation or my chances of escape.

Check out the short video I’ve posted below. The full length video (about 8 minutes of my struggle) is now available in my clip store. If you came here from dA, leave me a comment on the still image; I’d love to know what you think.

Store link: A Real Self Bondage Pickle, 2022-08-01