Month: May 2023

Noodling With Doom

This clip is a behind the scenes sort of thing. I was experimenting with this idea of being suspended over the mud pit by a sadistic hip harness such that the subject would be face down in the mud and unable to keep from sinking up to their face, or maybe further.

In order for this to work, the suspension height has to be high enough to force the subject into the right position and low enough to allow them to sink at least to their face. Also, their wrists would need to be bound together, which they were not in this test.

In this short preview clip, you see me experimenting with different heights, from too low to too high, just to see what works the best. Given that the right height allows the subject to reach the mud with their feet, I think I’m also going to tie the ankles to the thighs when I do the actual scene. That should allow the suspension to be pretty low, to give the mud maximum affect, without the subject being able to use their legs to alter their predicament.

I can’t wait to do this for real.

New Steel Bondage on the Dome Clip

This clip was actually shot in 2021. Sometimes it takes me a while to publish new clips.

John Marsh is gagged and restrained with all steel restraints. His arms are locked around the struts of the dome and his genitals are cuffed to the dome so he has very little freedom of movement and he is forced to torment himself as he struggles against his harsh, metal restraints.

The last variation, in which his ankles are chained together and locked to the cuffs that are attached to John’s genitals, he is forced to pull on his genitals with his ankles and he starts to become visibly aroused by his torture.

John also gets rained on for the last half of this video. No matter how wet or horny he gets, escape is not an option and he can’t even reach his groin to pleasure himself.

Link to purchase: Steel Bondage on the Dome