Horny Bondage

This scene would have made a great video, but it’s not worth setting up video cameras and editing when so few people want to buy my videos. Every once in a while I think I have a great idea, I record it, spend an hour or so editing it, spend another 30 minutes putting it in my clip store and promoting it, then nothing happens. It’s easier just to shoot a few still images and post those. Of course, I’m not going to post the 24MP versions; that would be silly.

In the first part of this scene, my arms were stretched out very tightly. The knots where the ropes were tied to my leather cuffs were right there, but I couldn’t even turn my wrists, much less reach the knots. My genitals were roped to the wall behind me and that was a major tease. I was sweaty, drooling and barely able to move. My red, PVC briefs couldn’t cover my enthusiasm.

In the second arrangement, my wrist cuffs were tied to the left wall and my genitals were still tethered to the eye bolt at the center of the back wall. My ankles were also still roped together. That was not as tight as the first setup. It was a chance to come down while still unable to touch myself, so I had to tug on my crotch ropes for stimulation.

I was a sweaty mess by the time it was over. Like I said, it would have made a great video.

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