Month: September 2022

Crazy Predicament

Pull down with your wrists and you’ll pull up on the rope that is splitting your crotch. There is no way to reach anything, because your wrists are padlocked in locking cuffs to one end of a bar and your crotch rope tied to the other end of the bar. Your ankles are bound together, you are gagged, and you’re standing in a hole filled with mud. You can’t rest and your struggles are answered with reciprocal tugging on your genitals.

New Clip: Crotch Splitting Chain Bondage

In this new clip, John Marsh is on his back with his hips hoisted by a chain through his crotch that is secured by a chain around his waist. Everything is locked … everything. There is another chain around the base of his genitals and he is locked in leather cuffs on his ankles and wrists.

In the first scene, the chain around his genitals is locked to his ankle cuffs, he is gagged with a red ballgag and his wrist cuffs are chained to opposite sides of the dungeon.

In the second scene, his wrists are locked behind his back to the chain around his genitals, he is still gagged, and his ankle cuffs are locked to a spreader bar. In the final scene, the spreader bar is locked to his wrist cuffs and his gag is removed.

Although John spent more than an hour struggling against his tight, teasing bondage from which he had no chance of escaping, the video is edited so the first 5 minutes are the first scene with his arms spread, the next 5 minutes are the second scene with his wrists locked to his genitals, and the third scene (without a gag), is the last 3 minutes. During the entire time, John is driving himself crazy as he has to hold his hips up to keep some of the pressure off his balls at the same time as he is tugging down on his cock and balls. He can’t rest because the chains are teasing him as his package is tugged and compressed, which drives him to buck his hips and try to get off.

Crotch Splitting Chain Tease, 2022-09-10

New Clip: Punished for Trespassing

Punished for Trespassing

John Marsh has gotten himself in trouble with the indigenous people for trespassing on their land. They’ve left him in an untenable predicament as punishment for his transgression. Wearing only tiny, rubberized briefs and barefooted, John is suspended in a cedar tree by his private parts and his ankles are bound, such that the knots are well out of reach and John is stuck in the tree, unable to reach the ground and unable to get into a comfortable position. He must hold up his weight with his arms, or bear the brunt on his cock and balls.

John has no idea how long they plan to leave him there, or even if anyone is coming back for him, and his arms are getting weaker by the minute. He writhes helplessly and pleads under his breath for someone to cut him loose.