Month: June 2023

Free Clip: Crotch Splitter in Denim

I shot this in 4K to grab some stills from it. I decided it might be fun to release 40 seconds of the struggle, which obviously doesn’t translate well to a still image. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me by purchasing a clip, a custom video, or just sending me a thank you card, with or without a check. 😉

If you’re interested, the rope through my crotch starts as a couple loops around my genitals, goes through an anchor on the wall behind me, then comes back through my legs, over my balls, through the ropes around my waist and is finally tied to an anchor above me, such that I am held up on my toes and to the wall behind me by my crotch. The more I struggled, the more painful this got, because those ropes around and over my tender bits just dug in deeper.

My wrists were tied to the walls on either side of me, well out of my reach, and my huge gag was locked in, insuring that I could not cry out for help. I was very defenseless and uncomfortable. The camera was set up, close to the floor in front of me, in the hope of showing the ropes in my crotch. That didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped.

(If you’re looking for a video like this in my clip store, I haven’t published this one, as I shot it just for a special angle on the scene, but I have done similar things in the past)

A Self-Bondage Gallery

This gallery contains images from a self-bondage I did today (June 23, 2023) as a way to celebrate and/or decompress after several days with a migraine headache. This scene wasn’t really designed for the camera, and I had only one camera recording it. The video tells the story better than stills images, but there is no time for that, now.

The bondage was a full suspension by a hip harness that is tied for genital torture. You can check out the harness details on the Harness Talk post. In this case, I suspended myself from the waist wraps, and the ropes through my crotch (around and over my genitals). For part of the time my ankles were bound together such that they were caught in one of the up-lines. The purpose of that is so my ankles could tug on the rope around my genitals, but they could also lift my hips higher, thanks to a couple of one-way tightening devices. There was a weight to take up the slack in the final up-line. This configuration allowed me to lift myself until I could just barely reach the floor with my hands, and could not reach it with my ankles, even after I set them free.

I was very horny by the time I was back on the floor. I shot a few more minutes of video as I lie on my back, gyrating my hips.

New Clip: Straining Between Two Trees

This one was so much fun to do! In the first scene, I’m balancing on one foot while holding out my leg and trying not to tug too hard on the rope around my genitals. I am gagged and blindfolded, so I can’t even see if someone is watching me struggle. Even with my arms free, I probably wouldn’t be able to reach anything to untie, but my arms are secured behind me in locking wrists cuffs.

In the second scene, I am still gagged, but I’m standing on both feet. My ankles are chained together, and I have two separate ropes cinched around my genitals. The two ropes pass through a steel ring before they are tied to the trees in front and behind me. Since the two ropes are cinched tight around my cock and balls, and they pass through the ring, it is impossible for anything to escape. I am held securely between the two trees by my genitals, only. My wrists are also locked behind my back and to the rope that is tied to the tree behind me. There is just enough slack for me to struggle a little, but I am not going anywhere and the incessant tugging on my genitals is making me crazy.

Check out the teaser, below, and here is a link to the full clip: Straining Between Two Trees, 2023-06-10