Month: July 2023

New Self Bondage Clip

This one is a hot, sweaty struggle that ends in a dire predicament. The beginning of the clip features on-screen tying and gagging. The plan is to use a genital rope pulling towards the front to prevent John from reaching the knot on the wall behind him that secures another rope that is also tied around his genitals, then through his handcuffs and the bench.

For about 10 minutes John struggles in his self-inflicted predicament in the hot dungeon, with sweat running over his body. When the front tie is released, he discovers that he doesn’t have enough rope between his genitals and the bench (where his handcuffs are also secured) to reach the knot on the wall. There are no other knots he can untie to free himself. He struggles desperately, sweating and drooling, to no avail. He had made a fatal miscalculation and now he is hopelessly stuck in the dungeon, unable to cry out for help.

Full (20 minute) clip: Sweaty Self Bondage Fail, 2023-07-18

CBT Bondage Experimentation

Today I wanted to test and refine an idea I had while lying in bed a few days ago. This idea was appealing, in part, because it would present an obvious predicament to the camera. I have said this before, but the scenes I shoot photos and video of need to be more than just great bondage; they need to be visually interesting.

So, I worked on this concept in which my hips are held up by two ropes, tied around my genitals and pulled in opposing directions. I experimented with the vertical angles of the lines, how they were tied around my genitals, and how it felt with my arms and legs in different positions … even though my arms and legs were free in all but the last iteration. I grabbed four of the best photos from five different setups and more than a dozen photos of each one.

The third attempt above is actually the fourth attempt, because one attempt with an even steeper angle on one of the tension lines wasn’t worth including. Also, in the final attempts, I used a steel ring to hold the tension lines close together at my genitals. That made the genital ties more secure and also changed the way they pulled and crushed my genitals, creating a different sensation.

Free Clip: Outdoor Self Bondage

This was my idea of a good time on July 4. This isn’t the only thing I did, but I had envisioned this scene as a good one for some still images. The video camera was an afterthought. The stills look cool, but they are all soft-focus because the lens was set to manual focus when I thought the camera was auto-focusing. The video, however, was very sharp, and 4k resolution, so it’s not bad for pulling stills. The problem is that the video doesn’t have quite the entire scene.

The free edit, below, is mostly behind the scenes, with 30 seconds of the real struggle, and it’s in pretty low resolution. The struggle was real, BTW. Even though this was a self bondage, I could not escape until the timer released the rope holding my ankles. I was getting pretty horny, struggling in those tiny shorts that were also unbuttoned and covered just enough to tease me as I gyrated my hips.

I will be creating some full resolution clips for my clip store, so don’t lose hope if you want to see more of this scene and some of the others I’ve posted recently.

Free Clip: Against the Wall

In this video, my wrists and ankles are chained and padlocked. I am gagged with my mouth-filling, locking gag, and my genitals are roped to the wall behind me. I’m also wearing a painful chain harness that is pulled tightly through my crotch and across my balls, and it’s padlocked; front and rear. I was sweating because it was hot in the dungeon, but also because I was in a pretty intense bondage and the chains on my wrists we really tight. I knew I wasn’t going to escape and relief wasn’t in the cards. Check out this free video …