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Free Muddy CBT Clip

This video was just an afterthought I had as I was packing up my kayak to leave. The clip is too short to sell, and it doesn’t really fit in with the other video I shot on May 25, so you get to see it for free!

If you like the muddy videos, you should click over to my swamp blog and check out some of the pictures and videos there.

Extreme Swamp Bondage clip

Clips like this sometimes go in my Swamp/Mud bog, but this clip contains some extreme genital bondage/torture. John Marsh is partially suspended in the peat swamp by his genitals in two different scenes. In the first, he is able to flip around and get his face above the surface; especially since his wrists were bound in front of him.

In the second scene, John has no way to get his face back above the mud, once he goes under. All he can do is move carefully to slow his descent. A while after he goes under, he manages to free his wrists and get himself back to the surface. A desperate struggle ensues, as John has to get himself untied while also keeping his face above the surface of the mud.

Link to the clip in our clip store: Extreme Swamp Bondage, 2021-06-19

New Sampler Clip: You Will Never Escape!

I put together a short sampler clip that has some bits from previous videos and some bits I’ve never published before. It’s all outdoor bondage, and it’s sort of a sampling of some of my work. If you aren’t familiar with my clips and what I do, you might want to check out You Will Never Escape.

Sometimes I do experimental bondages and I shoot some video for reference, but the video isn’t necessarily mean for publication. Often times they are too short and usually I’ve only got one camera recording, but I do sometimes capture some gems that are fun to watch. Those bits can be used in a compilation clip like this one. If you like clips with different scenes, the best way to let me know is to purchase this clip. I promise I’ll make more if there is any interest. I could even put together a “best of” compilation with the best minute or two from a series of related clips.

In case it’s not obvious, I recently built a geodesic dome in my woods which offers me a near infinite range of bondage possibilities. It can be a little challenging to shoot in, but I’m always making improvements.

The dome is in the woods behind my house, so it is convenient to experiment and shoot there whenever the weather is warm enough. I hope to bring in some other bondage talent so I can exploit it’s potential. If you’re a traveling bondage model, male or female, hit me up on Twitter @MudBondage. Maybe we can collaborate on some awesome outdoor bondage content.

You Will Never Escape; Outdoor Bondage Sampler

New Compilation Clip

This clip is a compilation of out-takes in which I (John Marsh) was struggling in bondage. Usually, I was alone in self-bondage and had to overcome some unexpected obstacle to escape. I was surprised, when I put this together, how many times I’ve been on the cusp of disaster … while also on camera. There have been some serious bondage fails that I’d already published, so those were not included in this clip. For the most part, this should be all new footage, but there may be some familiar scenes, since these bits are mostly taken from the out-takes from some of my precarious bondage predicaments.

I enjoyed putting this video together and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it. It has a few muddy scenes, it has lots of outdoor scenes and some indoor scenes. The clips span a period of about 5 years. My only quality complaint is that the only audio I had for some clips was from the GoPro and it’s not very good. None of the audio is terrible.

Store link: Self Bondage Struggles

New Messy Clip

A Perilous Plight in Peat is a clip that I shot in the swamp, but I decided to put it in my By The Balls store because I am very obviously caught by my balls. I should note that I have posted content similar to this in my mud quicksand store in the past. When I created my new, male bondage store, I moved the clean bondage clips from my muddy store, but left the muddy bondage stuff there, because there is so much of it.

In this clip, I’m wearing some micro briefs that can’t contain my genitals, so my naked genitals are outstretched through most of this clip. Opposing the rope around my genitals is another one around my wrists that is tied off out of reach on the other side of the mud hole. As I am completely unable to escape the sloppy muck, all I can do is struggle to get some relief for my balls and try not to go under. My hips are held up by the rope around my genitals, but my upper body and my head are slowly engulfed by the black mud.

Direct link to the clip in my “By The Balls” clip store: A Perilous Plight in Peat, 2019-04-28