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B-Camera Edit from Photoshoot

On March 25, I attempted to get some interesting, outdoor bondage photos because the weather was pretty nice and I had some ideas I wanted to try. I shot some video as an afterthought. It was sort of my “b-roll” in case the stills weren’t interesting. The video had some interesting moments, so I edited a short clip to show you.

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Tight Rope Harness and Steel Cuffs

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, here is a free video that was taken as an afterthought during a photo-shoot. I was bound in a very tight rope harness and my wrists were cuffed behind my back with cuffs that were also tied into the rope harness. I could get up and walk around, but I couldn’t escape, or remove my mouth-filling gag.

Enjoy this free video clip:

New Clip: 5 Point Stretch

This was a really strict bondage scene. My wrists and ankles were tightly bound to the dome, I was gagged with a ball gag, pulled deep into my mouth, and I had a teasing hip harness splitting my balls that was also tied to the dome. I was naked, except for a tiny black pair of briefs. I could wiggle my hips and moan, but that was about it. The ropes around my wrists were very tight and the knots were well out of reach. My captor sat back in his chair with his feet up and observed as I struggled in vain and drooled uncontrollably. I was tied so tightly that I had to stay on my toes.

Here is a link to the clip: Five Point Stretch, 2021-04-10