Month: December 2020

New Clip: Chained to Tease

This is such a horny clip. I am gagged, handcuffed, and my genitals are chained to a tree. When I struggle, the chain tugs on my cock and balls, and my sensitive perineum rubs against the tree. Thanks to the tiny, nylon briefs, the rubbing is not abrasive, but it’s a terrible tease. I cannot escape and every move I make is driving me crazy with lust. My penis is dripping with pre-cum as I moan through my gag.

I shot this on December 31 because we just happened to have a very mild day and it hadn’t yet started raining. I originally ventured out into the woods just to get some still photos, so this video was kind of a bonus. Setting up for the stills was getting me excited, so I really couldn’t resist. The video is around 6 minutes long, so I was able to offer it for a low price. I someone enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it. I’m pretty sure, this will be the last clip I shoot in 2020!

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Chained to Tease, 2020-12-31

New Sampler Clip: You Will Never Escape!

I put together a short sampler clip that has some bits from previous videos and some bits I’ve never published before. It’s all outdoor bondage, and it’s sort of a sampling of some of my work. If you aren’t familiar with my clips and what I do, you might want to check out You Will Never Escape.

Sometimes I do experimental bondages and I shoot some video for reference, but the video isn’t necessarily mean for publication. Often times they are too short and usually I’ve only got one camera recording, but I do sometimes capture some gems that are fun to watch. Those bits can be used in a compilation clip like this one. If you like clips with different scenes, the best way to let me know is to purchase this clip. I promise I’ll make more if there is any interest. I could even put together a “best of” compilation with the best minute or two from a series of related clips.

In case it’s not obvious, I recently built a geodesic dome in my woods which offers me a near infinite range of bondage possibilities. It can be a little challenging to shoot in, but I’m always making improvements.

The dome is in the woods behind my house, so it is convenient to experiment and shoot there whenever the weather is warm enough. I hope to bring in some other bondage talent so I can exploit it’s potential. If you’re a traveling bondage model, male or female, hit me up on Twitter @MudBondage. Maybe we can collaborate on some awesome outdoor bondage content.

You Will Never Escape; Outdoor Bondage Sampler

New Clip: Tethered in Red PVC

Actually, the name of the clip is Tethered by the Balls in Red PVC, 2020-04-07. In this clip, I am tied to a tree in the woods by my balls with my wrists cuffed behind my back. There is a chain around the base of my cock and balls that runs between my legs and is padlocked to my handcuffs so I cannot reach around. I am gagged with a tight ball gag so I cannot cry out for help and my ankles are bound with rope.

Struggling only results in a harsh tug on my balls. Trying to reach out with my hands pulls my balls the opposite direction. I can barely move and there is no hope of getting free without help. Will the person who left me there come back to release me? Will someone else wander by? If they do, will they help me, or take advantage of my vulnerable predicament?

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Tethered by the Balls in Red PVC, 2020-04-07

On an unrelated note, if you visit this blog to see what I’ve been up to in my bondage adventures, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on Twitter @MudBondage. Since I closed my PornHub page, I’m thinking of posting some short videos here. Also, if you want to see more content, please consider purchasing a clip or three. I have to treat my video production like a business, and I can’t justify my time investment if I’m not selling something. I really hate that I have to sell stuff. I’d love to just put all my videos on-line for fun. I was doing some of that on PornHub, but they kept rejecting my videos after I spent hours shooting and editing them, so that wasn’t working out.

Check back in a couple of weeks for some free video content. I expect to find time for some editing over the winter holidays.