Month: September 2023

Free Short

John Marsh is in a real pinch. Once again, he is tied between two opposing walls but this time his genitals are ensnared in a twisted harness that captures his genitals so tightly that he can’t even rest his hips on the floor. He is not gagged, but his ankles are chained and his wrists are locked into leather cuffs that are padlocked to rope, anchored to the wall just beyond his reach.

New Clip: Gagged & Chained in the Woods

This clip was shot on June 18, 2023. John Marsh is cuffed and chained in four different positions that leave him no hope of escape and torture/torment his genitals with a tight rope harness that gets tied to trees so he can’t resist tugging on it and driving himself crazy with lust.

Gagged & Chained in the Woods, 2023-06-18