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New Self Bondage Clip

This self bondage scene did not end as planned, but I did manage to get free in time to masturbate to orgasm on camera. Between the locking wrist cuffs, the secure hip harness and loops of rope around my genitals, and the huge gag, I am hopelessly stuck for the expected 15 minutes, but then, after my wrists are “released”, I find I can’t quite reach what I need to free myself, so I have a rather animated struggle to free myself. After I’m freed and I unwrap some of the really tight ropes around my crotch, I tether myself to the wall (very short scene), and masturbate myself to orgasm.

Here is the link to the full clip: Self Bondage Dilemma with Happy Ending

This clip features perfect audio and two very good camera angles. In terms of production quality, this one is probably a 9 out of 10. I probably could have used a 3rd camera, but I wasn’t sure how this scene would turn out and whether I’d even want to publish it. I hope you like it.

p.s. The number of clips I sell directly impacts how many new clips I publish. Please consider purchasing a clip, if you enjoy my scenes.

Ball of Frustration: Image gallery

I like to call this “the ball of frustration”. With knees chained to the collar, ankles chained to the genitals, and wrists locked to the harness behind the back, I could barely move. I did manage to rotate my body so the camera could get different angles. I was sweating and drooling. It was great, and the struggle made me very horny, so I masturbated on camera after partially freeing myself and re-locking my genital chain to the wall.

This was an inescapable self bondage. All of the keys for the locks that were keeping me very secure, were being held far above me by a magnetic release. Once the keys dropped, I was able to release myself, but not before. The orgasm was great. All of these images are frames from a video. The video may not get published because I’d like to reshoot this scene with more than one camera angle.

New Predicament Clip

Based on the experiment I shot on December 11, this new clip was planned and shot with three cameras. It’s a similar setup but I replaced the briefs with an open crotch thong with a built in cock ring and ball splitter. Otherwise, my genitals are roped the same way, I am ball-gagged and handcuffed and my ankles are chained. I did add a rope from my ankle chain to a tree on the other side, to make escape more difficult. Not that I could have escaped, anyway.

The other exciting thing about this new clip is that it ends with a self-inflicted orgasm. After getting freed from the original predicament, I am retied so I’m on my knees and I can stroke my cock with my still handcuffed hands. I am also still locked into my ball gag and my ankles are still chained. It’s a pretty good, body-rocking orgasm, also. The next best thing to cumming in bondage is cumming right after the scene.

You can find the new clip at this link: Genital Torment in the Woods, 2021-12-16, and you can see a short preview below…

New Orgasmic Clip

The weather is getting warmer and soon I’ll be shooting outdoors, again. I’ve been doing some experimental bondage in the woods, but I haven’t been shooting. In the mean time, I shot a new video in the bedroom. This setup is one of my favorites for getting me really hot and bothered. The scene on March 5 that is featured in this clip was no exception. With my wrists tied apart to the posts at the head of the bed and my genitals tied to the foot of the bed, I was stretched out with no chance of escaping. My ankles were also tied to the rope around my cock and balls, so any way I moved would tug on my tender bits. The tugging is a cruel tease. I feel like I could cum but I can’t quite get there. All I do is edge myself relentlessly.

In this clip, I am not gagged, so you can hear my pleading for release as I struggle helplessly against my strict bonds. I am released at the end, after which I masturbate myself to a loud orgasm.

Sorry I had to wear the faux leather, red briefs again, but I love how they feel. If I’m doing a bondage that is supposed to be bring me close to orgasm, they are among the best feeling briefs I have. For those of you who haven’t already read why I wear briefs, there are two reasons. The first is that they prevent the rope from slipping off. The second is that the briefs add a great deal of sensation and/or teasing because they are rubbing against my sensitive parts as I tug against them. Different materials provide different amounts and types of sensation. I could write an entire essay on the difference between something like denim cut-offs and a very stretchy thin lycra.

Clip link: So Horny! 2021-03-05

New Clip: Cuffed to Cum

I uploaded a brand new clip to my clip store. It is an excellent masturbation scene that ends with a great orgasm. In this scene, my balls are cuffed to a tree with steel cuffs and there is a chain around the tree and my waist to which my wrists are locked. I am gagged and drooling, and I use my drool as lubrication to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This clip has lots of naked cock and moaning. I can’t watch it without masturbating.

You can find this clip in my Clips4Sale store. Here is a direct link: Cuffed to Cum