Month: December 2023

Cruel Crotch Torture

I set up this scene on December 28 for some still images, but I set up 2 video cameras in addition to the still camera just in case I wanted to have different angles, and maybe a video clip. This wasn’t the first time I did this bondage. I had been experimenting with different predicaments on my bed a couple days before and I had thought this might make a good image. Not all bondage scenes make for good photos. I thought this one might, although I didn’t really have a good way to show how my wrists were cuffed and locked to the center line on my hip harness. That one detail is what made escape impossible. My harness was finished (tied) in front and my wrists were secured in back, such that I could not reach around. All of the other knots were way too far way to reach and my the locking buckle on my ankle strap was padlocked. Although it wasn’t necessary, my gag was also locked on.

It was not just impossible to escape this crazy crotch bondage torture; the opposing ropes would not allow me to rest my hips on the bed, so there was no place to rest or to prevent from tugging on my genitals, either from the front or the back. The video (free web-short) below gives you an idea of how torturous was this predicament. There is, at this time, no for sale clip from this scene. I was stuck there for most of 20 minutes, but it seemed longer. The struggle was real, and it really turned me on.

New Red Speedo Genital Torment clip

This clip has three scenes featuring John Marsh (me) in a super tight red Speedo bikini swimsuit. All of the scenes feature harsh, predicament bondage with genital harnesses and crotch splitting ropes. John is gagged in two scenes, and he suffers loudly in the other one. He is barefoot in all three scenes and his ankles are locked into a spreader bar in two, and ruthlessly forced apart in the third. He goes from being stretched out on the floor to being hiked up by the painful harness around his loins.

The struggle is real in these scenes. There is no place to rest and that tight Speedo suit is torturous, even without the crotch splitting rope that is tied over John’s balls. Of course it doesn’t help that he is also hanging on the torturous, genital crushing, rope harness.

Here is where you can purchase the full clip: Red Speedo CBT

New Clip: CBT Punishment

John Marsh really sucks at remembering birthdays. His partner finally got fed up with his forgetfulness and decided to teach him a lesson he would not forget. You can find more details in our clip store: CBT Bondage Punishment

In this predicament, John can barely move. His genitals are literally chained to the pole and his wrists and ankles are both bound so he can only pull himself away from the pole. He is also gagged so no one can hear his protests; it’s a little late for apologies and special pleading. He really doesn’t stand a chance of escaping, or finding any comfort. Every move he makes just reminds him of the ball splitting crotch rope that is tied tightly over his genitals and that infernal chain.

Steel on Flesh

I did this scene for a still photo, but I recorded 4k video while I was doing still pictures. Since I could barely move, and I only had one video camera recording, it’s not a very interesting clip. This free short video shows how little I could move and my gagged cries reveal something about how that steel cuff felt on my tender flesh.

This is the kind of scene I love to do. It may not be interesting to watch, but I can barely breathe without being reminded of my predicament. As you can see in this video, there is no way to take the tension off my balls, and struggling results in a painful, teasing tug. The gag is very effective at muffling my cries. Escape is impossible and I can barely move. Nirvana. 🙂