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New Clip: Sadistic Suspension

This clip is a torturous setup in tiny, tight, blue jean cutoffs. I (John Marsh) am roped into a tight, teasing hip harness that, combined with the tight jeans, forms a ball crushing, ball splitting harness that is also tied around the base of my genitals. I am gagged, my wrists are cuffed to the base of the wall in front of me in locking, leather cuffs and my ankles are tied to both sides of the dungeon. The winch cable is clipped onto the stem of my torturous hip harness so the winch can lift me off the floor, leaving me hanging upside down and moaning through my mouth filling gag.

I am raised and lowered and raised again. There is absolutely nothing I an do to escape, or convince my tormentor not to leave me hoisted in the air by the harness that is crushing my balls. Check out the teaser, below, and please, please consider supporting my efforts. Yes, I do enjoy doing these scenes, but editing and promoting clips takes time.

Purchase link: Sadistic Suspension, 2024-04-13

New, Feature Length Clip

Enough with all the shorts and freebies! I assembled a clip that has multiple scenes in the same location, billed as a series of torments that poor John has to endure. In most of the scenes, John’s handcuffs are captured in his rope harness, behind his back. Just that little bit can be impossible to escape and is severely limiting. Add ankle bondage, a gag, and tether him to a tree, and John is left with no choice but to tease and frustrate himself as he struggles, helplessly.

Please consider supporting my efforts by purchasing this clip, or another clip, from my clip store. You can find this clip here: Crotchroped and Handcuffed in the Woods

New Clip: Hillside CBT

This clip is a serious, losing battle with gravity. The hill doesn’t look steep, but it’s too steep for John to keep from sliding down, and the only thing stopping him from sliding all the way into the creek is the rope that is tide from his genitals, around a tree and back to his ankles. He is essentially hanging upside down and his wrists are tightly locked into steel cuffs that are tied into a cruel rope harness that is also a ball splitter. This is just all around bad for poor John as he struggles to get some kind of traction and all that happens is the loops around his genitals just get tighter and tighter.

Check out the teaser, below, and follow this link to purchase the full clip. This one was a lot of fun to do, especially since I don’t get a lot of days in February when I can get tied up, mostly naked, in the woods.

Hillside CBT, 2024-02-10

Ball Crushing Predicament in Denim (new clip)

See also: my previous blog entry

In this scene, I am wearing obscenely short denim shorts and I’m tied in an immobilizing, inescapable predicament. I am gagged, my ankles are strapped tightly together, and my wrists are handcuffed behind my back and padlocked to the rope harness that is splitting and crushing my balls.

My only options are deciding which, painful, rope I want to pull on the hardest. I can kick my legs, but that does little to affect my situation. There is nowhere to rest, as my hips are literally suspended between the two lines that are also holding me on the bed. The one leading backwards is tied to my harness that is capturing my cock and balls and also splitting my balls. The line pulling forward is looped around my package such that my balls get crushed when I pull on that one. I cannot help but pull on one or both of the ropes as I lie there, helplessly bound and partially suspended.

Honestly, it was a lot of fun. The predicament was painful, but the struggle was a serious tease.

Link to clip in clip store: Ball Crushing Predicament in Denim

New Red Speedo Genital Torment clip

This clip has three scenes featuring John Marsh (me) in a super tight red Speedo bikini swimsuit. All of the scenes feature harsh, predicament bondage with genital harnesses and crotch splitting ropes. John is gagged in two scenes, and he suffers loudly in the other one. He is barefoot in all three scenes and his ankles are locked into a spreader bar in two, and ruthlessly forced apart in the third. He goes from being stretched out on the floor to being hiked up by the painful harness around his loins.

The struggle is real in these scenes. There is no place to rest and that tight Speedo suit is torturous, even without the crotch splitting rope that is tied over John’s balls. Of course it doesn’t help that he is also hanging on the torturous, genital crushing, rope harness.

Here is where you can purchase the full clip: Red Speedo CBT

New Clip: CBT Punishment

John Marsh really sucks at remembering birthdays. His partner finally got fed up with his forgetfulness and decided to teach him a lesson he would not forget. You can find more details in our clip store: CBT Bondage Punishment

In this predicament, John can barely move. His genitals are literally chained to the pole and his wrists and ankles are both bound so he can only pull himself away from the pole. He is also gagged so no one can hear his protests; it’s a little late for apologies and special pleading. He really doesn’t stand a chance of escaping, or finding any comfort. Every move he makes just reminds him of the ball splitting crotch rope that is tied tightly over his genitals and that infernal chain.

New Clip: Captive Toy

John Marsh is tethered to the wall wearing a super tight Speedo brief, but the length of his tether can be shortened or lengthened to dramatically alter his range of motion and comfort level. He moans loudly through his gag when his tether pulls him very close to the wall and clamps down on his balls. He moans with frustration when he has more slack but can do nothing to free himself or loosen the tight harness that is crushing and splitting his sensitive man bits. His wrists are secured in locking, leather cuffs that are padlocked to a chain that is wrapped around the base of his cock and balls. Even if he had something to reach for, he cannot reach out with his arms pulled tight against his back. Tugging on that chain only adds to his misery.

Click to purchase -> Captive Toy, 2023-10-20

A huge thank you to my patrons! I have made a few sales, recently, and that is very exciting. Even if you’ve only purchased a single clip, you matter more than you think. My sales from this studio are pretty dismal. So Thank You!

New Clip: Sweating in Chains

I’m so far behind on editing, I decided to combine scenes with a similar theme. In the month of August, I recorded several videos in a hot dungeon where I was brutally chained, handcuffed, gagged, etc. I sweated and I drooled, and it was fabulous. So, I assembled this clip from five different, sweaty events.

Link to my clip store: Sweating in Chains, August 2023

New Clip: Gagged & Chained in the Woods

This clip was shot on June 18, 2023. John Marsh is cuffed and chained in four different positions that leave him no hope of escape and torture/torment his genitals with a tight rope harness that gets tied to trees so he can’t resist tugging on it and driving himself crazy with lust.

Gagged & Chained in the Woods, 2023-06-18

New Clip: Straining Between Two Trees

This one was so much fun to do! In the first scene, I’m balancing on one foot while holding out my leg and trying not to tug too hard on the rope around my genitals. I am gagged and blindfolded, so I can’t even see if someone is watching me struggle. Even with my arms free, I probably wouldn’t be able to reach anything to untie, but my arms are secured behind me in locking wrists cuffs.

In the second scene, I am still gagged, but I’m standing on both feet. My ankles are chained together, and I have two separate ropes cinched around my genitals. The two ropes pass through a steel ring before they are tied to the trees in front and behind me. Since the two ropes are cinched tight around my cock and balls, and they pass through the ring, it is impossible for anything to escape. I am held securely between the two trees by my genitals, only. My wrists are also locked behind my back and to the rope that is tied to the tree behind me. There is just enough slack for me to struggle a little, but I am not going anywhere and the incessant tugging on my genitals is making me crazy.

Check out the teaser, below, and here is a link to the full clip: Straining Between Two Trees, 2023-06-10