New Clip: Captive Toy

John Marsh is tethered to the wall wearing a super tight Speedo brief, but the length of his tether can be shortened or lengthened to dramatically alter his range of motion and comfort level. He moans loudly through his gag when his tether pulls him very close to the wall and clamps down on his balls. He moans with frustration when he has more slack but can do nothing to free himself or loosen the tight harness that is crushing and splitting his sensitive man bits. His wrists are secured in locking, leather cuffs that are padlocked to a chain that is wrapped around the base of his cock and balls. Even if he had something to reach for, he cannot reach out with his arms pulled tight against his back. Tugging on that chain only adds to his misery.

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New Clip: Sweating in Chains

I’m so far behind on editing, I decided to combine scenes with a similar theme. In the month of August, I recorded several videos in a hot dungeon where I was brutally chained, handcuffed, gagged, etc. I sweated and I drooled, and it was fabulous. So, I assembled this clip from five different, sweaty events.

Link to my clip store: Sweating in Chains, August 2023

An Experiment in Ball Crushing Bondage

crotch harness closeup

I had an idea I wanted to try. The concept was simple; pull my legs around a pole with a linear actuator (think slow moving winch) such that my balls were pressed hard against the pole. I expanded on the idea by tying my genitals to the pole and using the same linear actuator to pull the genital ropes tight against the pole, also.

Although it took me a while to work out exactly how I wanted to harness my genitals to get the right effect, the problem I could not solve was how to shoot the scene in a way that would clearly illustrate what was happening and make it interesting to watch. After all, I wasn’t going to be dancing around, and the pole was going to obstruct the camera’s view of my genitals. Since the entire point of the scene was the ball crushing pole, it kind of sucked that I couldn’t get a good shot of how that worked.

I did shoot some video from a few different angles, and I’m including a short edit here. Although I’m not sure about the success of the video, I did find the scene to be really intense. The crotch harness got pulled really tight as I struggled and complained loudly. The net effect was that my balls were crushed really tight and I nearly had to cut the harness off, because it was so tight I had a serious struggle getting it loose. Keep in mind, that I could not get away from the pole until I got that harness off.

Emotional Health & Self Bondage

John Marsh was in need of a mental health day, so he put himself in a painful, progressively tightening self bondage, at the mercy of a timer that would hold him for 35 minutes. That may not sound like a long time, but John knew that the ropes around his genitals were going to be very tight and this predicament was going to get painful after just 10 minutes.

John’s wrists were locked in leather cuffs and the cuffs were roped to the wall, opposite the rope wrapped multiple times around his genitals and rigged so that a weight could take up any slack, but John couldn’t pull that slack back. He was gagged and his ankles were cuffed and locked around a steel post. In this position, John could barely move, and if he tried to get some slack by pulling against his wrists and thrusting up his hips, that slack would be taken away and his situation would be that much tighter.

Of course, John did this as a way of centering himself, mentally. Although it was painful for 20-25 minutes and he had no choice but to tolerate the pain or struggle to find a less painful position; even if just for a few moments, until and after his release, his mind was focused on his body, and nothing else. In a way, his physical pain brought his body in sync with his emotional state.

It’s impossible to take a photograph of emotional pain, so the images you see here are a physical proxy for how John was feeling that day, on the inside. People who have never found emotional relief through pain won’t understand, but these things that John does are not as risky as much as they are a matter of survival.

(Note: John Marsh an alias I use for myself. He is a fictional character I use to illustrate my crazy bondage and mud adventures. John’s experience is mine; in case that wasn’t obvious.)

Free Short

John Marsh is in a real pinch. Once again, he is tied between two opposing walls but this time his genitals are ensnared in a twisted harness that captures his genitals so tightly that he can’t even rest his hips on the floor. He is not gagged, but his ankles are chained and his wrists are locked into leather cuffs that are padlocked to rope, anchored to the wall just beyond his reach.

New Clip: Gagged & Chained in the Woods

This clip was shot on June 18, 2023. John Marsh is cuffed and chained in four different positions that leave him no hope of escape and torture/torment his genitals with a tight rope harness that gets tied to trees so he can’t resist tugging on it and driving himself crazy with lust.

Gagged & Chained in the Woods, 2023-06-18

Cruel Chains

Just some genital torture with chains and cuffs. All for fun, of course.

Check out this image gallery and the free video clip. If you want to see this video, or something like it, hit me up on Twitter (X?) @mudbondage. I might make a clip from this, but it would be a pretty short clip, because I could barely move. This bondage is the real deal. There is no escaping from these chains, and the chain locked through my crotch makes it impossible to slip out of the chains around my genitals. Whether I’m leashed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling by my genitals; I’m not going anywhere. It was pretty intense.

New Clip: Steel Bondage Marathon in a Speedo

In this clip, I go through about 9 different configurations of being chained to the wall by my genitals and chain hip harness. Every position is both teasing and painful, as the steel cuff around my genitals is not gentle, and the chain running through it splits my balls and holds my man bits against my body while the handcuffs are trying to pull them away. All the while, I am gagged and handcuffed, and my ankles are chained to a spreader bar.

For wardrobe, I am wearing a tight pair of bikini Speedos and nothing else. My sweaty body and bare feet are on full display and the drool is streaming down my chest by the end of this marathon torture session.

Be sure to check out the teaser, below. You can find the full clip in my clip store: Steel Bondage Marathon in a Speedo