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New Self Bondage Clip

This self bondage scene did not end as planned, but I did manage to get free in time to masturbate to orgasm on camera. Between the locking wrist cuffs, the secure hip harness and loops of rope around my genitals, and the huge gag, I am hopelessly stuck for the expected 15 minutes, but then, after my wrists are “released”, I find I can’t quite reach what I need to free myself, so I have a rather animated struggle to free myself. After I’m freed and I unwrap some of the really tight ropes around my crotch, I tether myself to the wall (very short scene), and masturbate myself to orgasm.

Here is the link to the full clip: Self Bondage Dilemma with Happy Ending

This clip features perfect audio and two very good camera angles. In terms of production quality, this one is probably a 9 out of 10. I probably could have used a 3rd camera, but I wasn’t sure how this scene would turn out and whether I’d even want to publish it. I hope you like it.

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New Self Bondage Clip

This one is a hot, sweaty struggle that ends in a dire predicament. The beginning of the clip features on-screen tying and gagging. The plan is to use a genital rope pulling towards the front to prevent John from reaching the knot on the wall behind him that secures another rope that is also tied around his genitals, then through his handcuffs and the bench.

For about 10 minutes John struggles in his self-inflicted predicament in the hot dungeon, with sweat running over his body. When the front tie is released, he discovers that he doesn’t have enough rope between his genitals and the bench (where his handcuffs are also secured) to reach the knot on the wall. There are no other knots he can untie to free himself. He struggles desperately, sweating and drooling, to no avail. He had made a fatal miscalculation and now he is hopelessly stuck in the dungeon, unable to cry out for help.

Full (20 minute) clip: Sweaty Self Bondage Fail, 2023-07-18