New Clip: Self Bondage Orgasm

Self Bondage Makes Me Horny! is a self bondage clip, complete with self tying, struggling, escape, and an on-camera orgasm. In the first scene, I am gagged, my genitals are roped to one wall and my elbow cuffs are roped to the opposite wall. My ankles are also pulled away from where my genitals are tied. It was a very horny struggle, and after my on-camera escape, I tie myself up again, and again before I take out my cock and stroke myself to orgasm. I am so horny by the time I am finished with my self bondage scenes, it doesn’t take long to cum.

The moaning in this clip is mostly happy moaning. Except for when I am struggling to free the keys so I can unlock my handcuffs, I’m just having a good time. I’m legitimately stuck, but I like that kind of thing, and it shows in this clip. It would make me happy if you enjoy this clip half as much as I enjoyed making it. I am sad that I cannot make more of these, but I just don’t have time to edit and promote clips like this because they just don’t sell. If you want me to make more, please consider purchasing one or two of my clips.

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