Madalynn-Raye abandoned in the clay

2 goons toss Madalynn-Raye into the clay with her wrists and elbows tied behind her and her ankles tied together. She then struggles against her bonds and the thick clay for a few minutes before getting her wrists free.
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Stahr meets Heather

Heather Blake initiates Stahr in the clay pit (2014-06-26) Stahr Meets Heather is our latest Clay Pit video. Stahr is a new girl who loves mud, but she’d never experienced anything like the thick, heavy kaolin clay. Heather Blake lures her in by getting her to stand on a pole over the pit, winching her up to her tip-toes, then rolling the pole away. Stahr can’t hold on for long, and she drops into the clay, getting instantly stuck in the thick goo.

The Fight Begins

Behind the scenes content from 2010. Jenni and Heather face off in the clay pit.

Jenni Meets Heather
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… and here is a related video that is a teaser from Jenni’s Audition (a clip available in our Clip store).

Jenni’s Audition

Stop Thief!

This was a fun video to produce. We got Heather Blake in knee high boots and PVC shorts, and we opened with some fast action scenes, as Doug snatched Heather’s purse and tried to make a fast getaway. However, things slowed way down when Doug got stuck in the mud-pit. Unfortunately, this clip is not available in our clip store because no weapons are allowed … not even fake ones. Here is a teaser/trailer in QT format, until I have something better to post.


Under Construction

This blog will be the new face of female wet-and-messy and mud/quicksand content produced by See our clip store for our latest clips. More coming soon …