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Black on Black

Heather Blake walks around in the new clay pit wearing knee high black boots, rubberized, shiny black leggings, and a black leather corset. The only thing that gets muddy is her boots. This video will appeal to anyone who likes muddy boots and a hot body in skin tight shiny clothes.

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Heather in Boots

Heather Blake dons her knee high shiny vinyl boots and skin tight leggins for this little swamp adventure. She makes her way across some very soft, sucking terrain, getting her boots stuck in the mud and struggling go get them free, falling down, etc.

The Grammar-nator

This clip opens with Heather Blake, trying to erase the mistake of a man she has apparently. After confessing to Doug, the two of them wrestle their way into the swamp. Heather gets dunked!

Maddy Humiliates Her Boss

Madalynn Raye is at it again, but this time she has the upper hand over Doug and shows him what a shitty boss he’s been to her. She shoves him to a mud pit and pushes his face down into the thick black gunk, punishing him and leaving him to writhe deep in the woods, all alone.
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AJ Marion Discovers Swamp Mud

AJ Marion Discovers Swamp Mud!
This is AJ’s chance to get comfortable in the mud before we do anything more serious. The first segment of this clip is before AJ gets hog-tied and the second segment is after. She is really just having fun and finding out how difficult it is to move in the mud.
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Erotic Muddy Fun

This clip opens with Heather Blake jumping into the mud. She is soon followed by Doug, and the two of them get crazy in the deep mud. Although it doesn’t work well, Doug makes two attempts at deep mud muff diving. This clip involves a lot of laughing and erotic interplay. It’s funny, and it’s sexy.

AJ Marion and the pit

AJ Marion in the pit.
AJ is bound and hooded, and led to a pit in the woods. Her hood is removed and she is forced into the pit. While helplessly struggling in the bottom of the pit, her captor pours in more mud and proceeds to bury her. AJ Marion struggles enthusiastically and protests loudly, but her struggles are in vain. The clip ends with AJ rinsing off the mud in an outdoor shower.
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The Game

Madalynn-Raye is “rescued”, in this sequel to The Trap, when someone throws her a rope. However, her rescuer turns out to be a creeper who catches her and ties her wrists behind her back. However, Maddy escapes when the creeper gets temporarily stuck in the mud and she runs back, wrists still tied, and gets stuck again in the deep, sucking mud. She struggles violently, but to no avail. She cannot free her wrists, she cannot escape the grip of the muck, and nobody is coming to her rescue.
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Madalynn-Raye abandoned in the clay

2 goons toss Madalynn-Raye into the clay with her wrists and elbows tied behind her and her ankles tied together. She then struggles against her bonds and the thick clay for a few minutes before getting her wrists free.
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