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New Stuck Clip

I just added a new stuck clip to my Clips4Sale store that I shot on July 13, 2019. I put on my shiny pants that used to be gold but have faded to an off shade of silver. So, the clip was named “Stuck in Silver Pants” to avoid lawsuits. In this clip, I am … Continue reading »

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PornHub Update and Recent Adventure

I’ve been adding more videos to my PornHub channel. My PornHub user name is mudbondage. I am now an official model on PornHub. How exciting is that?! My stage name there, and on Twitter is “John Marsh”. I kind of like John Marsh … it is fitting. This past week I went for a paddle … Continue reading »

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Diabolical Mud Predicament

I have, on a couple of occasions in the past, orchestrated scenes where I was tied to some immovable object under the mud. In the best ones, I was barely able to reach the surface for air, and those were like living out my darkest fantasies. A long time ago, I tied myself such that … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Wallowing in a Red Latex Thong

Thong, G-String, Posing strap … whatever you want to call it. It’s a tiny latex patch that is supposed to cover the genitals, that is held on by a couple of strings; one that goes around the waist and one that goes up the crack of the ass. Now that we got that out of … Continue reading »

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Returning to the Swamp

I remembered to take my GoPro with me today, so I was able to shoot some behind the scenes stuff along the way. I edited it all down to 2.5 minutes (which is never easy, BTW) so I could offer it here for free.

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First Immersion Clip released

I just finished editing the “First Immersion” clip and added it to my clip store. It’s getting late, so you’ll have to read the description in my clip store. Also, the free clip in my previous blog post has a brief scene from this video. Clip store link: First Immersion of 2019, 2019-04-28

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Exploring the Swamp

Hurricane Florence tore through in mid September, 2018 and it changed many features on the coast where it hit. That includes all of the places I go mudding. Today, I went out to explore a place I had not visited since the storm. Once I got there, I changed into my Tarzan thong so I … Continue reading »

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Public Service Announcement

Something everyone should know about the swamp. Download Link

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The Crossing

On April 10, I ventured out for a deep mud adventure. I shot a lot of video, although it didn’t all come out as well as I wanted. A lot of it was overexposed, and my ground camera wasn’t aimed very well. However, the tide was super low and I was able to play in … Continue reading »

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Heather Blake returns, and other news

First let me say that I’ve released the new Heather Blake movie in our Damsels clip store. Having said that, I must confess that I’m way behind in movie editing. I’ve still got some mud bondage video that I shot in May which hasn’t been released. The video I shot on July 4 is pretty … Continue reading »

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