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Swamp Expedition, Day 2

Thanks to the impending full moon, I got two days in a row with good low tides. I went out for a second consecutive day on July 14. It was a good trip, but I didn’t get much video, because a thunderstorm popped up just as I was setting up to shoot. I got some … Continue reading »

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Swamp Expedition Vlog

I’ve been watching the tides like a hawk, waiting for a low tide and trying to plan a trip around it. Today, I planned a 5 hour expedition into the swamp. I didn’t know what the weather would do, so I prepared for anything. I got a really low tide that lasted for almost two … Continue reading »

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The Pre-Sink Video

For those of you who prefer moving pictures, here is the edited GoPro video from yesterday’s misadventure in the swamp. This is just the pre-sink stuff, unless you classify the test-sink as a sink, then I don’t know what you’d call this. Anyway, I apologize for the low quality. Moving grass doesn’t encode well because … Continue reading »

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Exploring a Beaver Pond

There were alligators lurking just below the surface, but I had to know if there were any deep spots. I was actually on an overnight backpacking trip. I have hiked past this pond before, but I’ve never noticed any pools of mud. I suspect the damn was compromised in the storm so the pond has … Continue reading »

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