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Back when I was shooting several scenes a week in the swamp, I got behind on editing. I would generally edit the best clips and ignore the ones I wasn’t as excited about. Now that I’m not shooting as much, I’m going through my notes, looking at the unfinished clips and deciding what is worthy of publishing.

Just Hanging Around was an obvious first choice. It was an easy edit and it was fairly short. I think I didn’t publish it in 2015 because the mud was so thick that it didn’t feel very dangerous.

In this video, I’m hanging upside-down, by my ankles and my genitals, over the peat bog. I am wearing only a rather tight speedo style swimsuit. I struggle around and manage to push my head into the mud a couple of times. There really isn’t much more to say about this one. The 4 video frames in the image on the left pretty much tell the story.

Video link: Just Hanging Around, 2015-07-11

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New Clips: Mud Diving

This announcement is for 2 new clips, but the longer one is essentially a super-set of the shorter one.

First we have Mud Diving, which contains only the dives and head-stands. There are lots of dives, and I tried to get different angles. After each dive, I would generally lift my legs up and push a little deeper before I came up for air.

In the second version of this adventure, I kept more of the context, and also a short vertical sink where I sink in up to my shoulders. There are also a couple times when I kick back on the mud and tease myself through my latex briefs.

You can find both clips in my C4S clip store. Here are the links:

Mud Diving (short version)

Mud Diving Plus (longer version)

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Mud Diving in November

I was asked to shoot a video of mud dives. It was a nice day, and I was up for the challenge. I set out into the swamp this morning, set up the cameras and took something like 15 dives. My next task will be to edit the video down to just the dives. I’ll probably make another edit that will include more than just the dives.

I’ve also been sifting through some of my old footage, as I have been archiving it to optical disks. There were a few movies, especially in 2014 when I was shooting a lot of material, that never got edited and released, so I’ll eventually get some of those into my clip store.

In any case, I’m alive and well. I’m still a lot busier than I’d like to be, so not much time for goofing off. As a matter of fact, this was my first kayaking trip since before Hurricane Florence in mid September.

I hope everyone is well.

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Barefoot Video (free)

Barefoot, wearing latex briefs, I explore some of the fallen trees in my woods. It’s a disaster that is going to take me a long time to clean up. In the mean time, someone might find this video interesting.

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Hurricane Florence

As I write this, I have had power in my home (other than my backup solar power) for less than one hour. I am using my phone for Internet access, and that has only been possible for about the last 30 minutes.

If I had to sum up Florence in a word, it would be “long”. If I got 2 words, it would be “long and wet”. We got 30 inches (76 cm) of rain; about half of that in 12 hours, over the course of 3 days. The storm was relentless and the trees didn’t do well. Many power lines were taken down by trees. Roads and bridges were damaged by flooding. It was the worst hurricane I have ever experienced. I’m sure glad it weakened before it got close or things might have been a lot worse.

Most of what I’m dealing with is from temporary flooding in my yard. Two of my out-buildings got water in them, so many things need to be dried out. However, my house is a couple feet higher, so nothing critical got flooded. There was no damage to my house or its contents.

I have a pretty decent sized battery bank that is charged by solar panels. Generally, it gets me through these storms and the sun comes out after the storm and recharges the batteries, allowing me to keep my refrigerator, phone, radio, and some lights going indefinitely. However, in this storm, the storm clouds stayed around long enough that my batteries were virtually depleted before we got any decent sun to recharge them. I estimate, even though it has been sunny for about 2 days, it will take about 3 more sunny days to completely recharge my batteries.

I am grateful that things were not worse, but I’m here to tell you that Florence was a bad storm. I haven’t been out to the beaches to see what kind of storm surge damage was done, but I have heard it was bad.

I hope everyone knows that you don’t really need to worry too much about me, as I’m a pretty self sufficient individual and I’m a good swimmer. 🙂 On the other hand, I want to thank everyone for thinking of me. I appreciate your concerns. I sat down to write this blog entry as soon as I got access to the Internet. I hope everyone else is okay. A lot of people around here are just returning to their homes, some people still don’t have power, and we’re all still digging out. Don’t expect to hear much from me for a while.

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The Big Weekend with AJ Marion

Oh, my gosh. I’ve been so busy! We had a great time this past weekend. I buried AJ Marion in the pit, and we kayaked out to the swamp on Sunday morning. We shot muddy scenes, a wet scene, some outdoor clean bondage scenes, and one indoor bondage scene. Overall, I think the weekend was a success. We had a brief rain during one outdoor shoot, but otherwise the weather cooperated.

I had a great time with AJ, but don’t tell her. I don’t want her to think I was having fun; she might raise her rates! AJ was also very helpful in every aspect of the production. She helped carry stuff, she helped clean things (although I would have been happy to clean her), and she wouldn’t even stop for lunch until she had helped me carry things into the house. I’m not used to actors (or visitors) being so helpful.

Just between you and me, AJ is really smart. I’m a pretty smart guy, and she made me feel a little thick. She was on top of everything. She even got on top of me in the mud. I talked her into pushing me under, and she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Of course, I enjoyed it even more. I think that was the highlight of my weekend. It definitely made it worth the trip into the swamp. I also hogtied AJ in the swamp and left her to struggle in the sucking muck. That video should be available, soon.

There is much more I’d like to do with AJ. We had time to shoot more, but we were both pretty tired on Sunday afternoon, so we reviewed video and talked most of the afternoon. I hope we can get back into the swamp the next time she comes. I feel like we can do more, now that she knows the drill. We might even get her face muddy. To be fair, we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot in the swamp on Sunday, because the tide started coming in about an hour after we arrived. We probably could have arrived earlier, but that’s the way it goes, sometimes. I never know if the creek tides are going to align with the tide chart that is calculated for another location.

It’s possible that AJ Marion will never fully recover from her traumatic visit. However, in the spirit of masochism, she has expressed interest in a repeat performance. If we can make it happen, I want to schedule something this fall. I’d also like to coordinate with Madalynn-Raye so we can do more on camera interaction and I can stay behind the camera most of the time.

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Preparing the Pit

I have been preparing the pit for a special guest. I have dug out about two thirds of the mud and worked up the mud on the bottom so it is very inviting.

I am expecting a very special, sexy guest this weekend and I intend to give her a warm welcome by wrestling her to the ground, tying her up, throwing her into the bottom of the pit, and burying her while she struggles against her bonds.

I’m sure she’s going to have a great time. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a breathtaking experience? I’d be right in there with her, if I didn’t have to operate the shovel … and the camera. Who knows? She might have her revenge before the weekend is out. If she does, I’ll encourage her to get it on video.

I’m really looking forward to a weekend of outdoor bondage fun.

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In case anyone is curious, I have deleted my photos, videos and my profile from That was the obvious starting point for my “downsizing”, since I’ve never felt very welcome there. Recently, I discovered that even the person there with whom I thought I had developed a rapport over the past 20 years was just tolerating me and was probably happy to see me go.

I’d like to offer up a warm thank you to those UMD members who patronized me over the years. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I hope you will continue to follow me, here. I won’t be as active as I was in the past, but I’ll still be posting photos and some video when I have them to share. I expect most content to be free.

I think some of you have found me on FetLife. I have been on and off of Fetlife over the years. As of right now, I check Fetlife daily. This website is still the safest place to find me and get updates on my recent adventures. When I stop updating this, it probably means I’m dead … unless, of course, I announce that I will no longer be making updates.

On a lighter note, here is an outtake from my July 19 trip into the swamp with Madalynn-Raye.

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New Clip: The Game

The 2nd of a series of clips I shot with Madalynn-Raye on July 19 has been published. This one is called “The Game”, and it picks up where “The Trap” left off.

I’m actually in this one, in that I drop a rope down to Maddy so she can pull herself out. Then I chase her into the bog and tie her wrists behind her back. She manages to evade me, as I’m temporarily stuck in the mud. When I catch up to her, she has fallen victim to the hole she so recently escaped from. This time, however, there is no rope and her wrists are tied behind her back. I just wander off and leave her there to struggle. I am such a nice guy.

Maddy puts up a great and convincing struggle. She makes an excellent damsel in distress and she is super sexy as she throws her weight around in a genuine effort to free herself. Personally, I like that we can see much of her body as she struggles. Really deep mud is fun, but it’s not always as visually appealing.

Link to clip on C4S: The Game, 2018-07-19

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Madalynn-Raye in the Swamp

On July 19, I took Madalynn-Raye into the swamp with me. It was a pretty rough day for both of us, but we have mostly recovered.

I had big plans for our excursion, but a heavy rain the night before forced us to play in the woods. That’s mostly why we got pretty banged up. Hiking in and out of the peat bog in mid summer can be treacherous, thanks to saw grass and man eating lizards; mostly the saw grass.

Maddy got herself stuck (with a little help from me), and that was the first clip I released called The Trap. After that wrapped, I dropped her a rope and let her drag herself out (on camera of course), then, after she got out, I chased her down, tied her wrists, and chased her back into the hole where she was now double-stuck.

Maddy gives a very convincing struggle, and her facial expressions are very convincing. There were a couple times when I considered rescuing her, but I came to my senses in a nick of time.

The second clip will be released when I get time to edit it. It has taken me this long just to update my blog. I have suddenly gotten very busy with work and some personal challenges.

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New Clay Pit Clip

I released “Balls Deep in the Clay” on Clips4Sale this morning.

I step into the clay pit, stir it a bit, then sit down and tie a rope around my genitals that goes through a ring at the bottom of the clay pit and back up to an overhead point that is out of reach. The rope holds me down in the clay while I struggle to work myself under. I can tighten the rope attached to my crotch, but I cannot loosen it. When the rope is released from where it is anchored overhead, I am able to work my genitals back to the surface. Once there, I lie back and masturbate myself to orgasm.

Link on C4S (coming to UMD soon!): Balls Deep in the Clay

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New Clip: Swamp Wallow

On July 6, I paddled to one of my favorite mud holes. This time I went for the thick mud. I used only my GoPro camera, so I could just keep moving and playing, and drag the camera with me. In spite of that, the video quality was more than adequate. The audio is also pretty good, because I didn’t use the waterproof enclosure.

In any case, I was playing in the mud for a long time, and I recorded close to an hour of video. I edited that down to 14 minutes of the best bits. I know some of you would love to see the entire mess, but trust me, this 14 minute clip has a wide range of scenery and there is no filler.

I slogged, I flopped, I sank, I struggled, I did somersaults, inversions, bondage and masturbation. It was a good time, and I managed to get almost everything on camera. I would say this is one of my better videos, even though it was shot in a more ad hoc fashion. In a way, it’s a throwback to simpler times, but with much better gear.

The video is already on Clips4Sale and in my UMD store. Here is the link to the clip in C4S: Extended Wallow in the Swamp

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Independence Day Mud

It was hot, so I got immersed in the mud pit. The sun was going down, so my video ended up being really dark. There was only one angle I liked and it was framed really tight. In this scene, I am partially suspended by my ankles, so it’s easier for me to get my upper body immersed, and harder to come back up.

I’m sorry these frames are so dark, lifeless, and similar. The image on the right shows the back of my thighs only, since my upper body and head are both totally immersed. I may release a video of this, someday, but I will need to re-shoot it. I have a better idea how to do it, now, and how to get some good imagery.

I did have a good time. Just because the video was not so good, doesn’t mean I wasn’t having fun, struggling in the thick mud; getting buried, twisting, and struggling to catch a breath.

When I started this scene, I didn’t know how it would end up, so the cameras didn’t capture what I wanted. In this last image (on the right), in case you can’t tell, I’m trying to get out of the mud so I can free my ankles. I am face down. My ankles are still suspended and my back is arched backward.

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Visiting the Clay Pit

Yesterday, I put on a black thong and got covered in clay.

First, I had to mix the surface water into the clay. After that, I got settled in and got completely covered.

It was a good struggle. It took too long to get the clay out of my hair; I think I’m going to get a hair cut.

I used a single camera to record the scene, and it recorded 56 minutes of video. I’ll have to trim that down, before I can release anything.

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New Clip: Bound to be Dropped

I posted the new clip on C4S today. I am going to hold off on posting to UMD, because I’m thinking of editing a shorter version of it. In the meantime, the full version is here: Bound to be Dropped

My previous post has more details about this scene.

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