Clean Bondage Video

We had a warm weekend, but I was too busy on Saturday to go to the swamp and the low tide was just too late on Sunday. Of course, the mud and water are pretty cold, even on a warm day.

Since I couldn’t go swamping, I opted for some clean bondage. I had hoped to have some help on this “predicament”, but it’s not easy to find someone on a Sunday, on short notice. My window of opportunity was narrow and this one took some time to set up.

In this scene, I’m stretched between the 2 sides of my studio building. My arms are tied to one side and my genitals to the opposing side. My ankles are tied above. The goal was to pull hard enough on my genitals to reach the keys that were diabolically placed between my wrists where I could not quite reach them. It might be worth noting, that even if I could get the keys, there was a 50-50 chance I’d be able to get a key into the lock to unlock myself.

It was a real struggle. I updated the  preview clip on Clips4Sale, so it should work, now. I also added it here, just in case …

It looks like the weather is going to get cold and rainy for a while. I’ve been trying to find time to shoot another mud-pit video before winter arrives, but there hasn’t been time. It may be that I’ve shot my last messy video for this year. I know there are a few of you who enjoy my clean bondage clips. If nothing else, they keep my store active.

Until next time! Just Ouf of Reach, 2017-12-03

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Expedition Video

So, today I suited up in lots of neoprene (wetsuit) and paddled my kayak as far as I could before I had to get out and drag the boat. I didn’t start shooting video until I was jumping out of the boat, into the mud and I stopped shooting when the water got too deep. The 9 minute video covers about 2 hours of slogging, hiking, hacking and partially swimming. Some of the best scenes never manage to get on camera. I hope you enjoy the bits I did manage to record.

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Video Log Entry

Today (Nov 25, 2017), after I was finished with some household repairs, I had to step out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It was around 20C (68F) today. I walked back into the woods, stomped around in the new mud pit for a few minutes, rinsed off, then set about rigging a self-bondage scene in my greenhouse. Tomorrow, I hope to explore a muddy creek just off the White Oak River. I’m not planning on sinking, but I’m sure it will be messy. I’ll wear my wetsuit to protect me from the icy water. I’ll also try to get some documentary video.

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The Buried Alive! clip has been released

The new buried alive clip is now available on Clips4Sale, and in my UMD store. There is a short teaser clip in both stores for you to look at. I plan on doing a similar clip in the future, because I know I can do much better, but that may not be until May of 2018.

p.s. Sorry for the short post. It’s late, I’m late getting to this, and it’s been a long day. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday, if you’re somewhere where that’s a thing.

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Erotic Clip from Nov 1

I have released the erotic/mud wallowing clip from my November 1 excursion into the swamp. I released it in HD and UHD (4K) formats, for those interested in checking out the super-high-def version.

Clip Description:  I had been away from the swamp for too long and this was my chance to just enjoy the feeling of the mud on my body. In this clip, I crawl out onto the mud, wearing sexy black briefs and nothing else. I sink down into the thick mud then lay back and pull my legs out so my muddy feet are visible. I lay back further so I can bring my crotch to the surface. I rub my crotch as my head is engulfed in the black mud. Then I invert himself, return to an upright position, and eventually kick back on the surface of the mud.

You can find this clip on Clips4Sale in 2 versions: Mud Appreciation Day (4K) and Mud Appreciation Day (HD)

The HD clip is also available soon on

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4K/UHD content

single UHD frame from my 4K professional camera

When I shoot with multiple cameras, I’m limited to 1080p (FHD), but when I shoot only with my new camera, I can, and often do, shoot UHD (3840 x 2160)  and even full 4K (4096 x 2160). In those cases, I generally downsize the video to 1920 x 1080 (FHD) or 1280 x 720 (HD) for publishing.

I could just upload a UHD version of the clip, when it’s available, but those files are pretty large, so I’m not inclined to upload them if there is no real advantage.

Before you say, “sure, 4K sounds great!”, keep in mind that the 4K clips will probably cost more and they’ll take up about twice as much space on your hard drive. The FHD videos already have a lot of resolution, and I think they look really good. It’s probably safe to say that I will be doing more FHD format videos, and move away from the HD (1280 x 720) frame size.

I tweeted a twitter poll from my @MudBondage twitter account. You can respond there if you don’t have an account here. I’d really like to hear from those of you who support my production efforts.

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Stuck video from November 1

This is the first of 2 videos from my trip into the swamp on November 1. In this video, I kayak into the swamp, get out of my kayak on a muddy shoreline, walk through some tall grass, hop onto a shelf of mud, and discover that I can’t get free. I proceed to sink, slowly, as I struggle to escape without success. The video ends when I’m up to my shoulders, and I’ve given up all hope of escape.

I’m afraid I had to leave out some of the best banter, because a large segment of the video was out of focus and I couldn’t stand to include all of it. I did include some of it, for continuity. It’s not too out of focus, but I’m a snob when it comes to production details.

Here is the link to the video on Clips4Sale: Stuck! 2017-11-01  … the video will also be in my UMD store by the time you read this.

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Shooting “Buried Alive”

Today, we shot a clip that I’m going to call “Buried Alive”, because that’s pretty much what it’s about. This past Sunday I dug out the mud-pit I made in the woods. I moved all of the contents onto a plastic sheet, made the pit a few inches deeper, and generally cleaned it up. I installed 2 anchor points, and poured about 6 inches of mud back into the hole.

Today, I was led to the edge of the hole with my wrists and elbows tied, and hooded. I wish I could say I didn’t know what was about to happen, but, of course, it was all choreographed for a video. Of course, nothing goes exactly to plan, so there was still some improvisation. Once I was at the edge of the pit, still hooded, my ankles were tied together. Then my captor removed the hood and pushed me into the pit. I had no way to catch myself, so I made an uncontrolled landing in the sloppy, wet mud.

After that, my captor proceeded to bury me with the mud I had piled up on the plastic next to the pit. My only regret is that I couldn’t just enjoy the experience, as we were shooting a video, and there were too many things on my mind. My helpmate was also a bit shy about throwing mud on my face. I was trying to tell her, telepathically, that she should not hesitate to bury me in copious amounts of heavy mud. I could not, however, say anything without messing up the audio on my video. Eventually, I couldn’t say anything because I would get a mouthful of mud, but that was when it was getting interesting.

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Return to the Swamp

It was the nicest day you could ask for this late in the season. I’ve been really anxious to get back out into the swamp, so today I seized the opportunity. The tide got really low, so there was lots of exposed mud, and I spent as much time as I could, enjoying it.

I paddled to my favorite spot with the thickest mud. I wish I had someone with me, recording the behind the scenes action, because the adventure started well before the camera started rolling. I was going to set up a tripod and camera to get a shot of me, paddling in, but when I got out of the boat where I thought the mud was shallow, I sank right up to my waist. That wasn’t the plan.

The first video clip I shot was one in which I got stuck and slowly sank up to my shoulders. The main section of that video is out of focus, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. The image on the right is from the last scene in that story.

When I finished being stuck … and the struggle was real, too … I stripped down to my black briefs and wallowed for a while. I was going to enjoy what time I had, as long as the sun was warm and the tide was low.

Someday, there will be at least one video from this trip. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to edit and publish a video, but at least I don’t have to wait for perfect weather and a low tide. 🙂

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Return from Minnesota

Mt. Tom lookout tower at Sibley State Park in Minnesota

I have returned from my Minnesota vacation. It was a vacation in that I did not work in my office, but it definitely wasn’t restorative. The drive aggravated my back, my diet suffered, and my exercise routine was put on hold. I arrived home a couple days ago and my back is still pretty sore.

I did do some hiking on my trip. I hiked about 5 grueling miles in the North Carolina mountains, a few miles in Sibley State Park in Minnesota, and several other, shorter walks.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been looking at the tide charts, in hopes of finding a good day to visit my swamp. My spirits are low. I’m feeling isolated and hopeless. I need an adventure; preferably an adventure that doesn’t cause further injury to my spine.

The low tide, tomorrow morning, is pretty early, so I’ll have to get everything ready tonight and make sure I get up early so I don’t miss it. The weather forecast is good, although we got 2 inches (5 cm) of rain on Thursday, which would have raised the level of the creek. It may or may not have had time to go down by Sunday morning.

Anyway, I’m back. I’m stiff and sore, and I’m feeling melancholy. Otherwise, I’m good. It’s time to get this show on the road … metaphorically speaking.

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New Clip: Stuck!

This is the main clip I shot on August 16. Aside from some out-takes, this is probably going to be it, for a while.

In this clip, I go for a short slog and get stuck in the thick mud. The struggle is real and the sink is slow but relentless. I don’t get completely immersed, but I do get hopelessly stuck … hence the name.

There isn’t a lot I can say about this clip. It is sad that I have so few clips to sell, this year, but I really need to be careful until my spine is healed.

Here is a link (clips4sale): Stuck!, 2017-08-16 Now also available in my UMD store.

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New Swamp Clip

This is the 2nd clip I shot, yesterday. I decided to post it first, because it is short and easy to set up. The description of this clip is simply, “Doug masturbates himself to orgasm in the swamp” … more or less.

In a nutshell, I reclined in the mud, after doing the first clip, and took matters into my own hands until I came. It seemed like the thing to do, right before I cleaned up and paddled home.

The video is pretty good. You can find it on Clips4Sale, for now. I may upload it to UMD, later. Link: Masturbation in the Swamp, 2017-08-16 Now also available in my UMD store.

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Low Impact Swamping?

Low impact swamping? I am not sure if there is such a thing as swamping without physically exerting one’s self, but I did my best to take it easy. I’m finding that breaking the grip of thick mud is murder.

I took my 43 pound (19.5kg), 12 ft (3.7 m) solo, canoe because it is my lightest boat. Loading and launching the boat, and paddling 2 miles was nearly enough for me. I almost didn’t even get muddy, but I wasn’t sure when I’d get another chance.

So, I found a spot where I could easily get into the mud and I took the plunge. It wasn’t long before my mud-lust kicked in. I think I strained something… I have physical therapy tomorrow… This probably won’t end well.

I took some still photos and shot some video. You can see some of the still photos in this post. I know it’s hard to believe, but they are really me, and they were taken on August 16, 2017. I’ve been working hard to stay in shape while I’m unable to engage in my usual misadventures.

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Buried Alive (concept clip)

This is an edited clip from my experimental scene where I was slowly buried in the mud pit. Please see the note below the clip. There are more details in my previous blog entry.

Side Note: I’ve been posting a lot of free content, lately, since I haven’t been able to go into the swamp and record very much this year. In the past, I posted everything for free, but I quit when I got frustrated with the lack of feedback. This stuff may be free to you, but it’s not free to me. If you want me to leave this stuff up and continue posting more, please give me some “love”. Also, if you really enjoy a free clip, I suggest you download it and archive it somewhere, because I may take these down to conserve $bandwidth$, at any time.

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Mud Pit Concept Clip

This idea starts with a man, tied down to anchors in the bottom of a pit. His head is also tied down, so he can’t raise it and he has a short piece of pipe in his mouth so he will be able to breathe, even when the mud overtakes his face.

Which brings us to the mud. As he struggles, the mud, which is stacked higher near his feet, flows, ever-so-slowly, towards his head, engulfing his head and eventually casting him into total darkness.

If everything goes to plan, our victim will be completely engulfed in the slow moving mud, and all we will see of him is the very end of the pipe. In this proof-of-concept clip, things didn’t go perfectly. One of the anchors holding my head down broke free, and I had no anchor to hold my legs down, although they were tied at the ankles and above the knees.

The entire ordeal made me rather horny, and I have been pondering improvements to the setup ever since. I’ll definitely need to improve my anchors, so they don’t break free. Even if I try not to hide the failure, my body will naturally float to the surface. The video I shot while testing this idea didn’t turn out too bad. If anyone wants to see it, let me know, and I’ll try to make it available.

p.s. My physical therapist pretty much cancelled all of my exercises and replaced them with much easier ones. She also replaced all of my stretches with 2 simple stretches that don’t involve any twisting. Since it’s impossible for me to get in and out of the swamp without twisting, if I am going to respect my physical therapist’s expertise, I can’t be going into the swamp for at least a month; probably 2. Today’s activity was not very strenuous, since I have solid ground and the mud isn’t deep enough to force me to twist.

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