Maybe it’s Time to Fold ’em

Well, sales are down, my hopes for getting some help keep getting dashed, and interest in this blog seems to be waning. I had been thinking this would be my last year for making videos. I had a few new ideas, some of which I could do alone, and some that would require assistance. I’ll probably be finished with the things I can do, by the end of May. I still have a few videos to release. If I spread them out, I may be able to keep my store alive through summer.

I think I’m a little depressed, which is influencing my current thinking, but this day has been a long time coming. After shooting mud videos for over 20 years, I’ve pretty much done everything 10 times. I’m also ready to move on to something else. That’s not to say I won’t go out and play in the mud; I’m just not going to haul a ton of camera gear with me and spend half my time setting up equipment to capture video. I’ll be able to move around more freely, travel light, spend less time cleaning equipment afterward, and there will be no video to edit and publish.

I may go back to shooting short videos for my blog on my GoPro; no fancy camera setups, low quality audio, and only quick edits. Then again, even keeping up with this blog feels a lot like work, since I get so little feedback. I really appreciate those of you who do send me messages, but there are very few of you.

I know I’ve taken breaks in the past, for similar reasons, but this time is different. I’ve had this web-site and my clip stores for well over a decade. After I take down all of this infrastructure, I’m not going to rebuild it. This era may be ending, and a new one will begin. This blog, and my clip store will be active for a few more months, at least. After that, it’s just a matter of deciding how much of the archive I want to keep around, and much time I want to spend maintaining it. I have other priorities, and my on-line mud life isn’t yielding an adequate return on investment. To quote Kenny Rogers from “The Gambler”, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run”.

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Friday Afternoon in the Swamp

It was really warm today and the low tide was around 1 pm (13:00). I decided today would be a good day to try the thing with the plastic sheet, again. This time I took some much heavier plastic.

I guess my trip was a success. I haven’t looked at all of the video, yet, but I managed to spread the plastic out and get out onto it before getting my legs inexorably trapped in it. I wasn’t actually sure how I was going to get out of it, once I was vacuum sealed inside of the plastic and unable to move my legs.

Needless to say, I found a way out. The photo on the left is after I got cleaned up, and I was still dripping wet. I’ve always been a fan of wet-look. Until I grab stills from the video, all I have is the wet photos I shot afterward. Sorry, it could be worse.

I still have some video to edit and publish, but I might be kind of slow getting stuff out, because I’ve been busy. I’ll leave you with one more image, on my way out. It seems like a fitting image for my departure.

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The second Tarzan Trial Clip

Since Tarzan couldn’t escape from his first predicament (see Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1), he had to endure yet another torturous, inescapable torment.

In this scene, Tarzan is tied across the pit again, but this time, he is in an upright position. His left wrist is tied to a tree on one side of the pit and his right wrist is tied to a tree on the opposite side. His ankles are bound together, so he cannot get his legs out of the mire once he starts sinking. Eventually, he sinks almost to his armpits, all the while, struggling and trying desperately to escape. He knows, if he is still there when the natives return from their hunt, they will find something even more devious to subject him to.

Direct link to clip on C4S: Tarzan’s Trials, Vol. 2

You may also find this clip in our store.

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Server Migration Issues, and an Update

In transferring this website from this server to a sparkly new server, and then back, some of the links to images and posts got messed up. I apologize for the confusion. They should be all fixed, now.

Now that that is out of the way, I have some more interesting news. I’ve been working on my mud pit in the woods, cleaning up the area around it, and spending several hours “testing” it. You know, a mud pit isn’t finished until you’ve thoroughly tested it. 🙂

I shot quite a bit of video, but I’m afraid most of it will never be seen, because it probably won’t interest anyone but me. I do have the second “Tarzan’s Trials” video ready for release. That will be available this week.

As far as weather is concerned, it is warm enough for anything. Now I just need to find time to visit my swamp, and fresh ideas for scenes to shoot. I should be able to do some new stuff this year, so I’m excited about the possibilities. This may be my last year making mud videos, so I need to make it a good one. I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to hear from all of you, from time to time.

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New Clip: Sunbathing Gone Wrong

This is the first clip I recorded on April 13. I am probably going to try this again in the near future, with some heavier plastic.

This scene opens with me, lying on the plastic on top of some very thick, deep mud. Of course, when I try to get up, the plastic begins to wrap around me as I sink into the mud. The plastic wasn’t strong enough to do what I wanted, but I do get a bit tangled in the plastic, and I struggle with the mud and plastic wrapped around my legs. I sink almost to my armpits before I give up. I spend the last 45 seconds of the clip extracting myself from the mud.

Link to clip on C4S: Sunbathing Gone Wrong, 2018-04-13

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Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

The last time we saw Tarzan he sank out of sight in a bog and we thought he was a goner. However, he was rescued by a band of natives who wanted the opportunity to torture him. This clip is the first trial to which Tarzan is subjected. He is stretched out over a muddy bog with his wrists tied to a tree on one side and his ankles tied to a tree on the opposite side. There is no possibility of escape, so the natives just leave him there to struggle, helplessly, while they hunt for food.

Tarzan struggles against his bonds. He tries desperately to escape. Anyone could molest him in this situation, as he would be helpless to stop them. Are the natives going to leave him there to die? Will he find a way to escape on his own? Will someone find him before the natives return, and, if they do, what will they do to him?

Direct link (C4S): Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

Also in my store.

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Late April Adventure

Today was interesting. I was able to do some things I’ve never been able to do, before … without dying, that is. I also wore my new boy-shorts. I debated wearing something with less coverage, but, after reviewing the video, I’m happy I selected the boy-shorts. They look pretty good, and they look even better when wet.

I did two different scenes where I was inescapably bound; for real. I was able to do these, thanks to a new electromagnetic time release device I designed and built.

I was able to get stretched out across the mud, ankles tied to one tree, and wrists tied to another one on the other side of the mud. I was also able to be tied with one wrist tied on either side of the mud hole.

The new video camera did a wonderful job of capturing both scenes. I enjoyed sinking more than I enjoyed being stretched horizontally across the mud, but both scenes were fun. It was also a lot of work getting me and my gear to the location, and back home, so I had a great workout, and I’m pretty torn up, but I’m happy.

The images you see here are before and after images. I’ll save the images from the actual scenes for when I publish the videos.

I hope somebody likes these messy bondage videos, because I love making them, and I hope to do more of them in the future.

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Muddy Cocoon Clip

In case you missed it, I put the Muddy Cocoon clip on Clips4Sale and on

Muddy Cocoon, 2018-04-13

See my write-up on the April 13 trip for more details.

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Testing Boy-Shorts

I’m not usually a huge fan of boy-shorts, but I got a good deal on these and they feel great. My only complaint is that they are super low cut, so they feel like they are riding down on my hips, sometimes.

However, they move with me perfectly, they hug my curves, and they have a nice pouch in front that offers just enough room for my junk.

I shot some video of me, walking around and doing a bit of climbing, just to see how they look, and to show off a bit.

I am planning to visit the swamp today. I am going to wear these on my journey, and possibly in the mud. I feel like I should be able to wear them to the grocery store, but the world just isn’t ready for that.

And, finally, here is the 1 minute video I edited. The original video was 4K, but I can’t put the 4K video here. This one is embarrassingly small, but it’s free. 🙂 Here is a link to a somewhat larger version: New Boy-Shorts 540p

p.s. Wish me luck in the swamp! It’s been 2 weeks since my last trip!

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If at first you don’t succeed …

I have been trying to perfect a scene I first tried on March 20 called “A Sinking Predicament”. First, I had to clear the water from the pit and install a new hard-point at the bottom. The first video ended prematurely when the hard-point broke loose.

Once I had the mud pit ready, and my camera gear in place, I had to tie a rope to my genitals and pass it through the ring at the bottom of the mud pit. Once I did that, I was tethered to the mud pit, so I had to do everything else without moving more than 8 feet from the pit.

After passing through the hard point at the bottom of the pit, the rope had to pass through a ring at the top of the tripod over the pit and reach far enough down that I could use it to attach to my wrist tie. Before I tied my wrists, I tied tied my ankles to one leg of the tripod so I would not be able to pull my legs underneath me, which would leave me no way to reverse my descent into the pit.

The last step is always the most difficult. I had to tie my wrists together and attach them to the free end of the rope I described in the previous paragraph. What makes is difficult is that I have to stretch out and tie the rope as short as I can. The goal is to take the slack from the down-line as I descend. Ideally, both lines would always be taught, but that’s really difficult to achieve.

I did all this on April 18, but I had trouble descending due to a twist in the ropes below the surface of the mud that I didn’t discover until I was finished shooting. So, I went back out on April 19 and tried again. The water over the pit had returned, and I realized I needed to add more mud to keep the water from coming back, so I hauled a lot more mud to the pit before making my 3rd attempt at this.

My first setup on April 19 didn’t give me what I wanted, so I reset and started again. The final run was pretty good, although it was a lot different from the original March 20 version. With a faster descent, more mud and slightly different rigging, it worked differently, but it was much the same position and there was still no way to escape from the pit, given that I could not get my feet under me and lifting myself by my wrists would just pull me down by the rope around my genitals.

So that’s the story. I don’t know when I’ll release the final video, but at least you’ll have some idea of how much work went into getting it right.

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First of 3 New Clips

I recorded 3 clips when I went out on 4/13 (see blog entry). In case you want to save your money for your favorite, there is one where I attempt lying on a sheet of plastic on top of the mud and sink with the plastic wrapping around me and getting tangles in my legs. There is this one, where I just jump into the mud and pleasure myself loudly. Finally, there is the one where I wrap myself in the muddy plastic, which is a short clip, but it’s really interesting.

Okay, so in this one, I just jump in, grab my package, and slowly sink up to my nipples while I moan loudly and thrust my hips in the thick mud. I do, eventually surface and show off my muddy body before I crawl out.

I got aroused while editing this clip because the audio is somewhat infectious. You can’t see much as I get closer and closer to orgasm, but I don’t hide my enthusiasm. There was a lot of wind, but the wind noise doesn’t obscure my happy sounds.

If you go to my store via this link before May 31, I’ll get a larger commission on whatever you purchase. After May 31, use the direct link to go directly to the clip.

Direct link to clip on C4S: The Joy of Thick Mud, 2018-04-13

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New Self Bondage Clip

This is a pretty unique self bondage clip. It opens as I prepare the scene, set up the equipment and lock myself in. The computer commands the actuator to retract, which makes things pretty tight for me. The original plan was to be stuck there for 10 minutes, but a strange woman in boots walks in on me and disables my release mechanism, then she leaves me there to struggle in my strict bondage, indefinitely!

If you go to my store via this link before May 31, I’ll get a larger commission on whatever you purchase. After May 31, use the direct link to go directly to this clip.

Self-Bondage Interrupted! 2018-04-12

(This clip won’t appear in my UMD Store, because it is not a WAM clip.)

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Friday the 13th Swamp Adventure

I was really busy, yesterday. By the time I got to the swamp, the tide was already very low. I was worried I wouldn’t have much time to play, and I had an idea I wanted to explore.

My great idea was that I’d lay this sheet of plastic over the mud and climb into the middle of it. That didn’t go as planned. The wind didn’t cooperate, and the plastic was too thin, so my feet broke through when I pushed my feet down. I was hoping the plastic would wrap around me as I sunk.

After I finished entertaining a sheet of thin plastic sheeting in the thick mud, I shot a more conventional mud session. I was worried that the gusty wind was going to destroy my audio, but my wind screen worked pretty well to muffle the wind noise.

The mud is still cold, so I couldn’t play in it like I would in the summer. I did enjoy 2 sessions that lasted around 15 minutes before I decided I’d better rinse the thick mud off my plastic sheet, so I could take it home and dispose of it. That gave me another idea. I would drag the muddy mass of plastic sheeting across the mud, then I would wrap myself in it for some crazy alien cocoon effect.

Getting wrapped up in the muddy plastic turned out to be a pretty good idea, albeit a dangerous one. I enjoyed my struggle, rolling in the plastic sheeting and trying not to cut off my oxygen supply for too long.

And finally, I managed to get some video of an alligator on my way back. Generally, they don’t give me time to get to my camera, but I had encountered this one on my way out, and he must have decided I wasn’t much of a threat.

There will be videos coming soon. It was a very nice day, in spite of the gusty wind, and I had a good time getting really messy.

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New Messy Bondage clip

This is the scene we shot, yesterday. I was tied to a tree in my red and black latex briefs. My wrists were bound behind the tree, my shoulders were lashed to the tree, and my genitals were also tied to the tree. I couldn’t really move as my lovely assistant dumped thick, black mud over my body and face.

Use this link to visit my Clips4Sale store, and I’ll get a larger commission on whatever you purchase there. (Good until May 31, 2018)

After May 31, here is a direct link you can use to find the clip on C4S: Bound to Take It, 2018-04-03 (the clip is also available in my UMD Store)

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Warmer weather … again

I hate to keep declaring the opening of mud season, only to crawl back into my cozy den to hide from a cold snap, but here I go again. As we head into April, the days are definitely warming. Now, I need to wait for the low tide to favor mid-day on a warm day when I’m not stuck in the office.

Fortunately, I don’t need to wait for a low tide to play messy bondage games in the woods. Today was a pretty nice day and my camera person was available, so we messed up a poor, unsuspecting tree. I tried to protect the tree from getting muddy, but I couldn’t stop it all. Actually, I can’t take credit for my actions, because I was tied to the tree so I was unable to get out of the way of the mud.

Of course, we shot video, and the video came out pretty good. I’ll probably have the video up in a day or three, unless I get super busy with something. For now, enjoy the still images.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope you’re enjoying spring as much as I am. For those of you down under on the south side, I’m sorry that your warm season is coming to an end. I’ll try to share enough of my adventures that your winter passes quickly! 🙂


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