Stirring the Pit

Just a quick, GoPro video of me, stirring the new pit. It’s been raining a lot, so the mud has water over it, but that is good for getting it really whipped up and removing some of the floating debris.

Where are my mud slaves? I shouldn’t have to do all of this stuff myself!

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New clean bondage clip

Double-Cuff Predicament is a new clip I shot on 2017-03-24. The image kind of speaks for itself.

In a nutshell, I am cuffed to a tree (upside down) by my wrists and my genitals. I have a rope around my genitals that is tied to my ankles which are, in turn, attached to a hard-point above.

Any movement on my part results in tugging and teasing my genitals. As long as I’m careful, it’s not really painful, but there is no escape and the situation gets more painful with time. Things don’t look good. 🙂

This clip is pretty short, but that’s not because I wanted out of this predicament. The predicament was really exciting. The problem was that it was getting dark. Link: Double-Cuff Predicament, 2017-03-24

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New Tarzan Clip!

I know, I know … I killed Tarzan in the swamp last year. That was before I decided to make a mud pit in the woods, which makes a great location for Tarzan adventures.

In this clip, we find “Tarzan”, taking a leisurely walk in his “jungle” when he is struck by a dart that knocks him unconscious. When he wakes up, he is hog-tied (ankles, wrists and elbows) next to a pit, partially filled with treacherous muck.

As “Tarzan” regains consciousness, he tries moving and rolls into the pit. Once in the pit, he is trapped and unable to escape. The ropes are too tight and there is no way he can climb out of the mud without freeing himself from the ropes.

The clip ends with our hero still struggling in the muck. We don’t know who captured him, or what plans they may have for him. We’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what happens to “Tarzan”. Link: Hogtied in the Pit, 2017-03-25

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A New Mud Pit?

I have been working on a small mud pit in the woods that I can use for some “Tarzan” videos and probably some bondage videos. I threw together this video because I love to shoot video and I wanted to shoot something.

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Stuck!!! (new clip)

For a description of this adventure, check out my post from February 20. You can purchase this clip here:  Stuck!!! 2017-02-20

This clip is also available in my UMD Store.

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First swamp trip of 2017

What a beautiful day to be out on the water! Sadly, I’m not able do do everything I could if I were not injured, and the water is still pretty chilly. However, I got good and stuck, and I shot my first mud video with my new 4K professional camera. The image at the top left is not resized or cropped, to give you an idea of the resolution available from a 4K frame. The remaining images have been cropped and reduced in size.

The trip was a little too much for me. Twisting in thick mud is probably hard on my back, and loading the boat on the trailer was a strain. However, I’m so glad I got to go out and enjoy some mud on such a beautiful day.

As you can see from these images, I stepped out onto a muddy shelf, wearing jeans. At first the shelf seemed like it was going to carry my weight, but that was just an illusion designed to lure me further away from the edge. My legs were trapped instantly, once I started to sink. Although I had a lifeline, the thick mud would not release my legs, so I was destined to struggle in vain against the thick mud that rewarded my efforts by drawing me a little bit deeper into it’s relentless grip.

Oh, sorry, I got a little carried away with my adjectives. I sank well past my naval before I decided I’d better wriggle my tight ass out of the mud and stop tormenting my spine. It wasn’t easy getting out. When I do these videos, I’m not really faking; I’m just not using proper extraction techniques.

So, I’m back, and eventually I’ll make a clip or two from the video I shot, but I can’t sit at my desk very long, so this is all you’re going to get today. I’m looking forward to a long 2017 mudding season. I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Don’t be afraid to say hello. (I still have a contact form on this site, you can find me on, and I’m also on FetLife as ropes4pleasure.)

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Warm February

Photo by Frayed Knot Photography

This has been a very unusual February. I plan to visit my swamp this morning, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do, as I injured my back a couple of weeks ago and I’m still in recovery. I have a new 4K video camera I want to take out, so I think I’ll throw on some tight jeans and see what I can get on video. Wish me luck!

p.s. If I make it back alive, I’ll be posting an update later today, or tomorrow.

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Claypit clip from Oct 29

I finally got this clip from October 29 edited. This is the first mud clip I shot on my new camera. The difference between my new camera and the GoPro was pretty hard to reconcile. I must say, I like the quality of the new camera. It is large and heavy, so hauling it into the swamp won’t be much fun. However, it has several advantages over my DSLRs.

Anyway, this is a self-bondage clip. It opens with a minute of setup, then gets into an earnest struggle against the gooey clay. This is not my most dynamic clip, but it does end in a pretty intense orgasm. That’s always nice.

Link to clip: Self-bondage in the Clay, 2016-10-29

My UMD store is falling behind. I’ll try to get it up-to-date soon. However, I’ve been really busy, so I’m not doing a good job of keeping up with this stuff, right now. It took me 6 weeks to get this clip edited and published!

On a related note: I have made a couple of clean bondage videos. I may upload the best of those over the winter. It looks like we’re going to have a crazy winter.

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Late Season Update

Conditions in the local swamp have not been conducive for mud adventures. It took a week for things to return to normal after Hurricane Michael swept through, and since then the tides have been out of sync with daylight, when it’s been warm enough and I’ve been free to go out.

djt_8751wmSo, I uncovered the clay pit this past Saturday. I wanted to do something really adventurous and visually appealing. I only had a 2 hour window in which to get set up, have some fun, get out, get cleaned up, and get my equipment put away, because I had a Halloween party to attend.

djt_8746wmIt was a really warm day, so I wasn’t cold. I ran into some minor problems getting the clay pit ready, so I didn’t end up having much time to enjoy myself. I did some light bondage to make it interesting, and finished the scene by jacking myself off. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be, but it was a perfect day, and I’m glad I got to spend some time getting immersed.

I did shoot video, and I’ll probably release the video soon, since I haven’t had anything to release, lately. However, it won’t be one of the most interesting videos. We seem to be in a warm weather pattern, so I might get a chance to shoot another one. The tides will eventually come ’round and I might even get another trip into the swamp. The water is still warm, so all I need is a warm day with a mid-day low tide when I can break from work for a few hours.

It could happen. 🙂

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New clip: After-scene Play

2016-08-16_afterplay1200x900After-scene Play, 2016-08-16 depicts what happened after I disappeared into the thick mud in my Tarzan thong. This clip opens where “The Demise of Tarzan” ended. I come up for air, then wriggle out far enough to play with my cock. I turn around and hump the mud, I sink back down and go under again, and, eventually, I drag my body out of the mud.

This is going to be the last swamp clip for a while, unless the weather changes. I’m expecting a hurricane to sweep through in the next few days, and we’ve already had too much rain. The creek probably won’t return to normal for a few weeks, assuming the weather dries out a bit.

I am planning to do one or two clay pit videos, as time allows.

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New Clip: The Crossing

2016-08-27_swamp1200x900I shot this one on August 27 on Hunters Creek. In this clip, I’m dressed in a sleeveless top, jeans, boots and my trusty hat. I explore the swamp a little before attempting to cross an expanse of quickmud using a grappling hook and a rope for assistance. Things don’t go as planned and I end up disappearing into the quickmud; hat and all. The camera moves closer and closer as this scene progresses, so the ending is pretty graphic. 😉

C4S clip link: The Crossing, 2016-08-27

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New Tarzan Clip

2016-08-16_tarzan1200x900The Demise of Tarzan, 2016-08-16

I’m afraid this clip doesn’t end well for Tarzan. He’s having a lively stroll through the marsh grass, wearing only his camouflage loin cloth. Tarzan likes to travel light. Without warning, the ground gives way under his feet and he finds himself sucked into the bottomless ooze.

I hate to give away the ending, but he doesn’t escape. It’s over for Tarzan. He’s made his last sequel. Even billions of dollars of computer generated special effects can’t save him now. Those CG elephants can’t even get close to him. 🙂

I haven’t actually seen the latest Tarzan movie. I’m still planning to see it, but I’ve read some reviews and I guess the movie was pretty heavy on the CG effects. I would have preferred a more convincing Tarzan. I’m a sucker for Tarzan flicks, though. I’m sorry, I probably didn’t do Tarzan justice. I’m sure the real Tarzan could have escaped the swamp, or might have avoided falling into the trap in the first place.

Having said all that, there is actually a sequel to this clip. This one ends where I disappear under the quaking muck. The next one picks up there, as I drag my muddy body out of the mud and spend some time playing in it before I grab my GoPro and make the trek back to the boat.

This clip will hit my UMD store soon, for those who would rather purchase it there.

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New Clip: Really Stuck!

2016-08-02_stuck1200x900Really Stuck is a fully clothed, stuck in thick mud video. It doesn’t end in a full immersion, because it is very realistic. The struggle is about as real as it can get. Being fully clothed makes escape much more difficult. Of course, if you know what you’re doing, you can get out … otherwise I’d still be there. I added an addendum to this clip that shows how I eventually extricated myself, for anyone who doesn’t know how that is done.

As the clip opens, I am running through the grass, apparently not paying attention to where I’m going, because I launch out into a glorious expanse of really thick and deep mud with a loud splat. I struggle to escape the grip of the mud on my legs, which serves only to get me mired more deeply in the gooey trap.

This video was shot on an overcast day. Overcast days make the best videos, in terms of even and consistent lighting. The audio is also very good on this video. If you’re interested in fully clothed sinking; especially desperate stuck scenes, this would be a good video for you.

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Much Needed Adventure

2016-08-27_paddlingI went paddling on Hunters Creek yesterday. That creek is where I did most of my early exploring back in the mid 90’s. I paddled past the sites of some of my early videos. If I hadn’t had a destination selected, I would have stopped at a few places along the way, just for old time’s sake.

2016-08-27_walkHowever, I had a spot in mind, and the tide wasn’t going to wait for me to get there. I had about a 2 mile paddle that I expected to execute in about 30 minutes. I didn’t plan on having to cross as many fallen trees as I did, and I definitely didn’t plan on the beaver dam. I had to get out of my boat and drag it over at least 10-20 logs. I arrived at my destination about 30 minutes behind schedule, but the tide was pretty low and I ended up having enough time to shoot a clip and enjoy myself for a while.

2016-08-27_pullingIn the clip, I play an explorer, wearing my hat, a sleeveless shirt, jeans, and boots. I come to a dangerous looking expanse of mud that I must cross, so I use a rope with a grappling hook to aid in my crossing. I’m not going to tell you how the story ends, but, like so many of my swamp explorer movies, it doesn’t end well for the explorer.

I went out with two movie ideas, but only one of them was possible. After finishing it, I turned off the recording equipment, stripped off my jeans, removed some debris from the mud, and horsed around for a while, before packing up and paddling to a spot where I could swim and get cleaned up.

The water where I was on Hunters Creek is fresh and cool. It was a hot day, and it felt really good to be in the water. I took my time getting myself, my clothes, and the rest of my gear cleaned up and packed in the boat. I was really in no hurry, since I still had 4 hours of daylight. The paddle back took a little longer, as I was going against the current and still had to cross a lot of log jams, but I was in my element on the creek.

I’ll be releasing a new video clip, soon. I thought I was going to edit one tonight, but I had a couple of phone calls, I had to help my neighbor with his computer, and now it’s after 11pm and I’ve got to work in the morning. I have several non-bondage videos that I need to edit and publish. I’ll definitely have something new before the end of August.

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Predicament Bondage Clip

I wasn’t going to advertise this clip here, but I changed my mind. There are some of you who enjoy my outdoor bondage clips. I can’t call this one a “clean” bondage clip, because I get pretty dirty, but it’s not a mud clip, either.

2016-08-20_predicament1200x900I really enjoyed making this clip. It took me a while to get everything right, and I had to be kind of careful, because it was a real, inescapable predicament. Sometimes the simplest ties are the most dangerous. In this case, my wrists were tied tightly, with the knots well out of reach, thanks to the opposing ropes from my ankles and my genitals. It was very simple, and there was simply no way out.

The rope from my genitals was made tighter when I lowered my ankles, so I could lessen my discomfort a little, if I could hold my legs out and off the ground. My abdominal muscles got a good workout. I edited the video down to 17 minutes, but I was there more than twice that long.

There is also a short teaser video in my Clips4Sale store. Link: A Tight Predicament, 2016-08-20

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