New Clip: Return to the Swamp

You probably saw the video log from this day. This clip contains what was not in the video log … the actual sinking and having a good time. It was so great to get back into the swamp, and to be able to return to my favorite mud hole on a day with such a low tide.

I did have to get out once because of a threatening storm, and I had to end the video when it started raining, but I still had a great time. The mud was just perfect, and I was really excited to be in it.

There is a 30 second teaser for this clip. You can view it on Clips4Sale or on I think the teaser says more in 30 seconds than I can write in an hour.

Return to the Swamp, 2017-07-06

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Don’t Tell the Doctor

This was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done …

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Long Weekend

I haven’t even started on the lift for my kayak trailer, so I still can’t go kayaking. It’s been raining way too much, anyway. I have been making the most of the weekend, and trying not to inflict too much stress on my spine.

I worked a bit on the new mud pit in the woods, and the other day, I stirred the 110 gallon tub of mud. In the images attached to this post, I’m just kicking back in a pool float that got filled with rain water in the recent rain, and warmed by the sun. I was surprised at how warm the water was, given we have had more rain and clouds than sun.

I should also mention that the video associated with these images will be on UMD as a “name your price” video. That means you can get it for free when you’re purchasing any other video from any UMD producer; or you can pay something for it, if you wish.

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Yet Another Archery Video

Look people, I have a very complicated camera and I’m still figuring it out, *and* I love to make archery videos. So back off! 🙂

I shot this video in 4K on an overcast day, which makes for some awesome imagery. I also set up a stereo microphone configuration so you could hear the bow release on the left and the target impact on the right.

Yes, my talents are being wasted, here. I wish I could show you the 4K video, but it’s a little too large for uploading to my web-site and you probably don’t have a 4K monitor, anyway. I don’t have one, but I’ve been looking around for a good deal on one. It really would be nice to be able to play my videos in their full resolution, although I think 1920 x 1080 (2k) looks pretty awesome too.

Alright, here is a web-sized version of my awesome archery video.


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My Date with the Surgeon

Sorry, there are no photos to go with this post. I had my consultation with the doctor, today. They did a complete checkup on me and evaluated the condition of my nerves to be sure I had no nerve damage/blockage. After X-rays and a physical exam, they concluded that surgery was not needed and that I could heal naturally, but it would take about 2 years for a full recovery. It’s mostly good news, although I am not supposed to lift a kayak for at least 6 months. I may rig something to assist me with loading my boat, but until I resolve that, there will be no more trips into the swamp for me.

I did invite someone down to accompany me into the swamp and do all the heavy lifting. We’ll see if that pans out. If it does, I may have some video of someone else, drowning in the evil swamp muck.

So, for 6 months I need to take it easy on all heavy exercise and focus on cardio that doesn’t stress my lower back. I’ll be riding my bicycle and I’ll probably get an exercise bike. Oh, and I have been remanded for physical therapy. Maybe, I can talk my physical therapist into taking me kayaking.

So, I’m somewhat relieved. I’m always happy when someone tells me my body will heal naturally. The bad news is that I’m going to have to make some serious lifestyle adjustments and the recovery time is going to be long.

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Biding my Time Before Surgery

I’ve got a consult scheduled for next week with a surgeon, regarding my back. In the mean time, I’m just trying to avoid further injury and keep in shape. In this video, I’m doing some pull-ups, while waiting for my laundry to dry. It’s not a great video. Just a status update. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

In retrospect, I should have worn my favorite briefs. 🙂

The still frames are taken from the 4K video. The detail still amazes me. It’s too bad the fetish-clips world isn’t ready for 4K.


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New Video & Other News

I shot this video the day I blew out a disc in my back. This may be my last swamp video this summer. It was physically painful, editing this video, but I wanted to get it into my store. I do have one other video I made in May with a T-girl, and I hope to get that on-line soon.

The premise of this video is pretty simple. I put on the thong that I got from Hennie and went into the swamp. I was traveling lite, because I went out to relax and enjoy the mud. I set up 2 cameras, but I neglected to start the JVC, so this video is entirely from the GoPro. It’s still a good video. The audio and video quality are both good. I would have had more close-ups, if the JVC had been running.

I sink up to my shoulders, then I resurface and play with my cock, in and out of the thong. I lay back for a while and masturbate, and I thrash the mud for a bit. Eventually, I sit up and masturbate to orgasm. I visibly spew cum onto the dark mud. That’s not something I manage to do, often, so that is something.

I got the results from my MRI and I got a referral to an orthopedic doctor because my back is a mess. I haven’t yet received my treatment options, but I’m expecting to need surgery. It’s probably going to take a few weeks just to see the doctor, and who knows how long after that to get treated. I’m sorry, I don’t have any good news. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Nowhere to Turn (clean bondage clip)

This clip is just awesome. I wish someone had poured mud over my face, just to make it even better! I shot this with 3 cameras and I got some great angles. Every camera was set for perfect focus and exposure. That, in itself, doesn’t make a great video, but combine 3 perfect perspectives with a great, predicament bondage, and a great struggle, and you have something hot!

I can’t watch this video without masturbating. I hope someone enjoys it as much as I do. Check C4S for a free teaser/trailer; you won’t regret it!

Link: Nowhere to Turn, 2017-05-26

p.s. Clean bondage videos are not appropriate for my UMD store, so this one will only be offered on Clips4Sale.

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New Archery Wardrobe

So, I love to shoot archery videos because they are fun to edit. Maybe, I’ll get tired of shooting them, someday, but I saw this top and decided I had to have it for my next archery video.

The top arrived in the mail, today, so I took a few photos to show off my new outfit. I feel compelled to mention that I am 52 years old in this photo. I know it’s not a popular thing to do, but I can’t help but brag just a little. You may not understand if you’re 20, but those of you who are over 40 know what I’m saying. 🙂

I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this outfit getting muddy, but it’s possible. I’ve figured out how to protect my clothes, so it could happen. In the mean time, I will be making another archery video. I’ll be happy to share that when it’s done.

On a citizen science note, I’m in the process of building a tide gauge that will log the rise and fall of the tides in my swamp, so I can make better predictions about when to go out for adventures. If it works reliably, I may invest in some kind of GSM interface so I can get real time data from the gauge for planning trips. The first version will just log readings to an SD card that I will retrieve for evaluation.

The tide schedule for the long weekend isn’t very promising. I’d have to go out at 06:00 Saturday morning, unless I want to hit a late low tide on Friday. I tend to avoid evening tides, because I end up cleaning up at sunset which is when the alligators are looking for food. Maybe Monday morning will work out, since Monday is a holiday. If I do get out, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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Muddy Pleasures now in C4S store

Here is a link: Muddy Pleasures, 2017-05-22

Apparently C4S had a bug, and they wanted to fix it before I re-uploaded the clip. It is all set up, now. Sorry about the delay.

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New video: Muddy Pleasures

You can see a trailer for this video in my UMD store. Just go to the UMD store page and click the red “Trailer” button under the price.

I thought Hennie would like this one, but I think he is waiting for me to go into the swamp with the new thong he bought me. I promise, I’ll do that as soon as I can. Also, Clips4Sale is having some technical difficulty, so I’m not sure when this clip will hit my clip store. It is in my UMD store, now.

So, the idea behind this clip, aside from showing off my awesome, new thong, was that I would indulge myself in some self induced pleasure, while rolling in a vat of black mud.

When this clip opens, I’m still clean. I crawl around on the edges of the tub for a minute, just to show off the pretty thong. I then proceed to get covered in mud, I rub my thong covered mound for a while, then I unzip the thong and play with my naked cock. The mud is too sandy for a lot of stroking, but I discovered that it felt good to sweep my cock through the mud. I also found that pushing my cock between my muddy legs and letting it slide between them felt pretty good. In any case, I spent a lot of time pleasuring myself; hence the name.

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New video: Flirting with Disaster

See my previous post for more details on this trip.

You can find this video on Clips4Sale and in my UMD store.

In a nutshell, I start out wearing a white, cropped T-shirt and wet-look black briefs. I play on the edge of the deep mud for a while and remove the T-shirt. I work my way deeper and further into the mire and eventually find I cannot escape. The mud continues to pull me deeper until I go completely under.

The descent into the mud in this clip is very “natural” until I’m up to my ears, because the weight I use to help me sink pulls me about that deep before become buoyant. After that, I had to work to sink the rest of the way, so the last bit isn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be. I didn’t edit the sink, because I used a single camera, so I had no other POV to cut to. Therefore, it’s a long, methodical sink. You’ll probably like it if you like to hear me moan as I am swallowed.

I hope to get some more videos, soon. I’m open to ideas and suggestions, if anyone wants something specific that I can do.

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Back to the Swamp!

I’ve been having trouble catching a low tide, lately. I’ve gone to the creek, expecting a low tide on several occasions, only to find that the tide was stuck on medium-high. Not today! Today, I arrived just before 09:00. The tide level was pretty low and it was still going out. It was still high enough for me to float my boat into places I should never have gone. More about that, later.

I had to wear my new favorite briefs, and I had to try using the wide dynamic range feature of my new camera. So, when I arrived, I drug all of my gear out of the boat, set up one camera, and started to tease the mud.

It took 20 minutes or so, but, eventually, I was fully immersed. After my immersion, I wriggled out of the deep, and surprisingly thick mud to stop the camera. Since I was covered in mud, I didn’t reset the camera for my next play-date with some deep mud. After horsing around for a while, I rinsed off as best I could and put my equipment away.

That’s when the real work began. I didn’t really have time to hang around and wait for the tide to come in, and it was now much lower than when I arrived. Remember, back in the first paragraph, where I mentioned that I floated in past the point of easy extraction? That’s what I meant to say, anyway. So, my urge to play some more was indulged in my endeavor to get back out to the creek. Where are the cameras when these things happen? Some of the best stuff happens behind the scenes. I got so bogged down, trying to move the boat across mud that was easily over my head, and thick enough to hold me like glue, that I finally had to work myself to the surface and belly crawl as I inched the boat towards the water.

Needless to say, I made it out, but it required a sustained, and very messy effort. I had to wash the boat in the creek, because it was covered in mud. I’m tempted to make another trip out there, tomorrow. The weather isn’t going to get any nicer than this.

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New Briefs (free video)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a clothing fetish. I love form fitting, tiny briefs; especially when they are black and shiny. I recently discovered some new briefs that fit like a glove and feel great. I am not quite ready to get them muddy, but I wanted to shoot some video in them, so I did another archery video, with lots of crotch shots. I also included a clip at the end where I’m wearing high waist “disco” shorts. It was just another look I wanted to try.

I’m sure you’re thinking, why would I go to all this work just to capture some frames of my new briefs. Well, you caught me. I’m also practicing with my new camera, and my post-production workflow for 4K video. I shot this in 4K. The original video is incredible. Sadly, I have no way to show you the video. I can only grab some frames from the video and include them at their original resolution (click on the frames below the video). The 4K workflow is much more time consuming. The files are much, much larger and everything takes longer. I’m not sure how often I’ll shoot mud video in 4K, but it’s a nice feature to have.

The resolution and video quality from my new camera are amazing. Click on the frame grabs, below, and zoom in on them to see the level of detail in a 4K frame (~8MP) from a professional video camera.

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Mud Bath

I put on my latex to do some mud pit maintenance. The mud pit in the woods is turning out to be a lot of work. I need to find a lot more mud to fill it, and I’m working to improve the texture of the mud that is in it. On May 4, I went out to add some fine ash and powdered clay and to give it a good stir. Nature is sucking the moisture away from the edges of the pit, so I have to stay after it. We’ve had plenty of rain, so there is no shortage of moisture. I shot a little video on the GoPro while I was out there. Here are the highlights …

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