New Clip: Weighted Erotic Swamp Bondage, P2

I’m still way behind on releasing clips. This is part 2 of 3 from June 18. In this clip, I tie the weight directly to my wrists and tie my genitals to the bamboo pole. My genitals and legs are visible throughout the clip, as my head and shoulders are pulled slowly deeper by the heavy weight.

I had more trouble escaping from this one, because the cinch on my wrist tie got really tight and I had trouble freeing my wrists. It would have been interesting had I not been able to free my wrists.

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Weighted Erotic Swamp Bondage, Part 2

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Free video: The Shortcut

This is the video version of my previous blog entry. The audio on the GoPro video is very poor, so I did a voice over. This video only covers the long slog through the “shortcut” which turned out to be a costly diversion that gained me nothing. I hope you enjoy the video.

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What Doesn’t Kill You …

… makes you stronger. Or so the saying goes. I went exploring, today. I accidentally left my phone home, so I had no GPS or even a compass. My plan was to let the phone map my trip so I could review it, later. It would also have been nice to have a satellite image to guide me.

My first mission was to explore a tributary to Hunters Creek that I thought might give me access to a hiking trail, for future camping trips. I probably paddled about 3 miles (5km) to get to that tributary. By the time I finished exploring there, the tide was getting pretty low and I was hungry to get into some serious mud.

So, I decided I’d try to find a shortcut to bypass some of the lobes in the creek and the river I was paddling towards. I found a windy stream that I thought would connect me back to the river and cut off a good deal of the distance. I knew, at low tide, it was going to be really difficult, but I was hoping to lop 2 miles (3km) off my paddle.

Well, I dragged my boat about as far as I could through deep mud that exacted a toll on me with every step. Of course, I would have stayed on Hunters Creek if I didn’t think the slog would be worth it … if nothing else, I’d get to explore some more swamp and possibly find new places to sink.

When I found a way to return to the main waterway, I jumped on the opportunity for some easier travel. Sadly, when I got into the deeper water, I realized I had circled back to the creek about 70 meters from where I went in. I worked my ass off and gained nothing.

Oh well, the tide was still low, so I paddled to my old mud hole the easy way, and I got there in plenty of time to play in the mud for a good while before the high tide began to encroach on my fun. I changed into front and back lacing, blue shorts and proceeded to make a mess of everything.

When the incoming tide made itself obvious, I went back to the river, cleaned up and paddled back to the launch. I had no idea what time it was, but it turned out I had been out on the water for seven hours. I was exhausted, hungry, and a little dehydrated. It was a hot, sunny day, and the sun took it’s toll on me.

Since it didn’t kill me, I suppose I’ll be stronger once I recover. 🙂

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New Shiny Blue Thong

I didn’t need any new clothes, but I couldn’t resist this thong. The good news is that I love the look of it. The bad news is that it isn’t going to take much abuse before the finish disintegrates. I suppose I’ll have to do a gentle bondage scene in it before I wear it into the mud. I like the design, but I mostly love the color and shiny finish. I’ll have to save it for a special occasion.

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New Head-first Clip

Yes, I know this is sort of a recurring theme, lately, but somebody asked me to do a mud-diving clip in the peat and I wasn’t sure when I’d get back to the peat bog so I did something in the estuary mud as a backup. However, this clip is different from the previously released diving clip(s). In this one, I go down, head-first, with the breathing tube so I can stay under for a while. This clip also ends with a masturbation scene that culminates in an orgasm. That is why I named this one, “Head-first with a Happy Ending”.

So, this clip has head-first diving, head-first sinking, inverted masturbation, non-inverted masturbation, total immersion, thick, black swamp mud, an orgasm, really deep mud (I still haven’t found a bottom), muddy feet, and really great quality audio and video. It pretty much has it all. This is really the only clip you’ll ever have to buy. 🙂

Here is the link: Head-first with a Happy Ending, 2019-07-13

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Quicksand on Public Radio

muddy man in a speedo
Muddy Zombie

Today, Radio Lab aired a story on the history of quicksand in American movies and culture. The “3 Questions” episode apparently first aired in March 2015. They do talk about the quicksand fetish community, but it was mostly about the rise and fall of quicksand scenes in American mainstream media, and that kids these days are no longer afraid of quicksand. Apparently they are more afraid of zombies. Which makes me wonder, how well would a zombie navigate in the swamp? Maybe I’d be safe from zombies in the swamp.

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New Clips

When the full moon brought me a few days of low tides I went into high gear shooting video clips, and I already had a backlog, so I’m publishing stuff as I get it ready, in priority (not chronological) sequence.

Today I published a little pond-cleaning in rubber boots and latex briefs clip. I know it won’t interest most of you, but I figured I’d do something different. Normally, I’d just give away a short clip like that, but it was a little too long and this web-site is already using too much bandwidth.

If anyone wants to check out that clip, here is a link: Rubber Boots & Latex, 2019-07-03

Tomorrow evening (July 19), I’m going to release two versions of the video I started to shoot on July 14 that got interrupted by rain. I finished it on July 15. I’m releasing it ahead of everything else because it was a special request. That is also why there are two versions, since the requester asked for a diving video. I edited a short version that is mainly just the dives, and I edited a more complete version for anyone who wants more context. They are both intense action clips. I created a short teaser that you’ll find below.

Here are the links to the peat diving videos: Diving into Peat Mud 2019-07-15, full version and Diving into Peat Mud 2019-07-15, short version

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Swamp Lord!!

I was laughing to myself this morning about the dilemma of “Star Lord” in Guardians of Galaxy in getting anyone to call him by his chosen monicker. Then I decided I should ask people to call me “Swamp Lord”. I am, after all, impervious to most swamp hazards, and I am a master at swamp navigation.

I went back out into the swamp, yesterday. That’s three days in a row of swamping. It was a short trip, but it was very focused. I knew exactly what I was going out to shoot and how I was going to shoot it, because my previous attempt had been interrupted by rain. So, here is a little gallery of images from yesterday’s makeup shoot.

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Swamp Expedition, Day 2

Thanks to the impending full moon, I got two days in a row with good low tides. I went out for a second consecutive day on July 14. It was a good trip, but I didn’t get much video, because a thunderstorm popped up just as I was setting up to shoot. I got some video for my Vlog, so here it is …

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Swamp Expedition Vlog

I’ve been watching the tides like a hawk, waiting for a low tide and trying to plan a trip around it. Today, I planned a 5 hour expedition into the swamp. I didn’t know what the weather would do, so I prepared for anything.

I got a really low tide that lasted for almost two hours, and it was totally overcast, which makes for very pleasing light. I did get rained on once, but it was a light rain and it lasted just long enough for me to put my gear away.

Anyway, I made a short video with a voice-over to provide a little more insight into my trip. I edited it very harshly to keep it short, and the bits from the two scenes I shot are just some outtakes that I won’t use in the final videos.

Anyway, there will be at least 2 clips from this trip. One will be an inverted/head-first video that ends with an orgasm. The other one is a quicksand/stuck video.

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New Clip: Part 1 from June 18

This is part one of a 3 part series from June 18, 2019. In this scene, my feet are tied to a length of bamboo across the surface of some thick, black, swamp mud. I am gagged, and my wrists are tied to a rope, the other end of which is tied to my genitals, after it passes through an eye-ring on a heavy, lead weight. As I struggle, the weight tugs on my wrists and my genitals, pulling me deeper. Eventually, the thick, black muck begins closing in around my face. At the last second, I free my wrists, untie my ankles, and work myself far enough out of the mud that I can fondle my penis as the clip draws to a close.

This is only the beginning of the June 18 adventure. This is the longest clip in the series, but probably not the most intense. Stay tuned for part 2 and 3!

Here is the link to the clip in the clip store: Weighted Erotic Swamp Bondage, Part 1

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New Quickmud Clip

I pushed the recent quickmud clip to the head of the queue because it is unique and fun. I still have a few more excellent clips in the queue that will eventually get published.

You can read about this tip in my earlier blog entries. This is more of a fun wallow than a drama, although there are some dramatic moments as the quickmud pulls me under. I could have stayed there, forever, but all good things must come to an end. The edited video is 21 minutes long, and I take advantage of every minute.

I also adjusted the framing on the camera a few times. The opening scene has a pretty wide view. I then zoom the camera in some, then I reframe the video so I can lay on my back. Finally, I did some extreme close ups. Overall, I think this is a pretty great video.

Here is the link: Immersed in Quickmud, 2019-06-30

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The Pre-Sink Video

For those of you who prefer moving pictures, here is the edited GoPro video from yesterday’s misadventure in the swamp. This is just the pre-sink stuff, unless you classify the test-sink as a sink, then I don’t know what you’d call this. Anyway, I apologize for the low quality. Moving grass doesn’t encode well because it has so much detail and there is an upper limit to how large I can make these free video files.

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Some Good, Some Bad

I woke up Saturday morning with a headache that is still with me, as I finish this blog entry on Monday morning. I needed a distraction on Sunday, so I took my kayak to the White Oak River somewhere around low tide.

It was windy on the river, so the brisk paddling helped take my mind off my headache. I paddled to one of my favorite spots that I seldom visit anymore, because it is a longer drive and I have to pay to park my car at the launch.

After today, I think I’m going to have to return. The consistency of the mud was amazing. Some of my mud-holes are very deep and easy to sink into, but you float back up because the mud isn’t thick enough to hold you down. Then there is the really thick mud that takes 10 minutes of struggling to get in up to my ears and it’s nearly impossible to go completely under. The mud I visited today was pretty easy to sink into, totally bottomless, and thick enough that when I went under, I had to claw my way back to the surface.

When I arrived at the spot where I take my boat out of the river, I stripped down to my PVC briefs, grabbed my GoPro and my trusty machete and went to locate my old sinking hole, which I assumed would be grown over with swamp grass by now.

A lot had changed since my last visit (The Demise of Tarzan, I believe). It took me a little while to find my favorite spot, hidden in the grass. I probably should have kept my shoes on for my exploratory trip. Pants might have been helpful, also. By the time I found what I was seeking, my toes were bleeding and my legs looked like I had been caught in a tornado with a box of paper. i.e. I had 1000 paper cuts from the appropriately named saw grass.

After I found my spot, I sank quickly up to my shoulders, drug myself out, and went back to clean up and swap the GoPro for a better camera and tripod. I must say, even with a painful headache, it was worth every cut to enjoy that mud. I wriggled my body into the cool, inviting mud, went completely under several times, and otherwise just enjoyed the feeling of the mud as much as I could, under the circumstances.

The one thing I could not do is get an erection. It all felt very good and rubbing my crotch brought me pleasure, but whatever was causing the pain in my head wasn’t going to let me get erect and cum. Oh well. At least I got a few hours of distraction from my pain. I’m hoping that today is the end of this damn headache, so I can get on with my life. I think you will enjoy the video when I get around to releasing it. From what I’ve seen of it, it is a great quickmud video with a little erotic action thrown in.

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New Clip: A Narrow Escape

I just released the escape scene from June 16, when I tied my ankles to a heavy weight and sank up to my ears in thick mud. It is a long, protracted struggle. Up until the end, where I got distracted a little because the struggle had made me horny, the clip is an authentic struggle for my freedom. I’m not faking, and it took all the strength I could muster to break the grip of the thick mud.

This clip is not my usual clip. It’s more of a behind the scenes reminder of how dangerous it can be, filming in remote locations, completely hidden from view, and doing things that might not end well. Of course, that’s what makes it interesting for me.

Clip link: A Narrow Escape, 2019-06-16

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