Maddy’s First Mud

2012-03-17 Maddy’s Fist Mud

Introducing Madalynn-Raye! The full version is available on Clips4Sale in 1280×720 resolution!

Download the MPEG4 clip

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3 Responses to Maddy’s First Mud

  1. Tommy

    Doug & Madalynn,

    That clip was incredible!

    First, Madaylnn is just HOT.
    Second, that mud was a perfect consistency…
    And last (but certainly not least) was the shots of Madalynn’s feet in the thick muck – that was pure heaven for me! Combines my mud/quicksand fetish along with my incurable foot fetish…

    I will be buying this clip!

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Tommy. Feedback is always good, and positive feedback is great! I’m glad you like Maddy, I’m pretty sure her (and her feet) will be back in the mud, soon.

  2. Madalynn


    Thank you for the wonderful words! I’ll be hopping back into the mud VERY soon if all goes well 🙂
    Keep an eye out!

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