Posted by on October 19, 2011

I am closing my clip store on until we sort out a problem with the payment processor. I’m not sure if the problem will ever be resolved, so this may be a temporary, or a permanent closure. My stores on Clips4Sale are still open, and I believe Heather Blake’s store on the UMD will also remain open. See my where to buy videos page for purchasing options.

2 Responses to Store

  1. Dolphin

    Hi Doug…

    I’m not surprised at your notice about UMD. I do remember you’ll telling me about them, and I wasn’t really impressed. I’ve never ordered any of their clips, preferring to my through your Clips for sale page.

    Your latest video…bondage in the swamp was quite something to watch. Ever so slowing being engulfed by the mud. And the quality of the mud was also quite something. The coastal marsh I sometimes visit for a quick sink on an early, early summer morning (like 3-4am) is like that mud. It coats wonderfully…and if I crawl about when coated the mud will slowly pull of whatever ever gear I’m wearing. It fun to be in that kind of mud naked too! Anyway, another of your first rate videos.

    • mudbondage

      The season is drawing to a close, anyway. I still have some unedited video, and I might make a trip or two into the swamp before winter. Beyond that, when things slow down around here, I’ve got several videos that didn’t become clips and lots of out-takes that I’d like to assemble into a fun video. The big constraint is always time.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the last swamp-bondage video. Thank you, for the kind words.