Winter Wetsuit Adventure

Posted by on January 5, 2020

I ventured out last Friday (01/03/2020) because it was unseasonably warm and the low tide was in the later part of the morning. I put on my Body Glove (wetsuit) so I could immerse myself in cold mud without getting hypothermia. When I arrived at the creek it was obvious that the tide wasn’t going to get very low, but it was a nice day for a paddle and my dog was up for an adventure.

I found a spot to shoot a short slog video, but it’s not a terribly exciting video. If you have a men-in-wetsuit fetish you might like the video. I did manage to get pretty muddy before I was forced out by a rising tide.

My dilemma is what to do with the video. It’s 10 minutes long, and it is mostly a wide shot of me, struggling to navigate the waist deep mud with a wetsuit and diving boots. (In case you don’t know, the diving boots make it much harder to pull my feet out of the mud and the wetsuit limits my flexibility.)

6 Responses to Winter Wetsuit Adventure

  1. Dolphin

    Hello from Palm Springs, CA

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    As for the video of you latest adventures…why not offer it…you there is a small group of us always interested in what you are doing. Could offer through Pornhub?

    • mudbondage

      Glad to hear you’re having fun in Palm Springs!

      I’m not sure that a wetsuit video is porn material. I’m thinking I might make a video that includes the highlights of my recent adventures and some unpublished bits to make it more interesting. Of course, I’ll have to find time for that.

  2. Hennie Frans

    Hi Dough,wish you a good health in 2020.The start in the mud beginninr this year,the photos ara not bad.
    A good solution in the cold season going for muddying to, put on a wet suit.Of course it is not so sexy as in the latex thong 14-06-2019,but it was summer time then.

  3. nakedbuffbody

    Happy New Year Dough. Nice to see you up and out in the mud again for another exciting year. I made it to my mud/peat pit a couple times naked. Seemed the mud was warmer than the air temp. And the clean up with the outside shower tapping the pond water was very chilling. I often thought the wet suit would make it difficult to move about and I found myself a couple times, any kind of show can become dangerous.

    • mudbondage

      I’m kind of cold averse. I don’t have much body fat to keep me warm. Otherwise, the mud below the surface doesn’t really change temperature that much. The mud at the surface does get cold, and the creek gets cold. The big danger for me is that, if I get hypothermia, it’s really difficult to get warmed up again, unless it’s a very warm day without much wind.

      I actually get mild hypothermia in the summer, but it does’t take long to warm up in the summer sun.