Clip Releases

Posted by on October 17, 2019

Just a reminder to check my Clip Store for updates. There was a clip released last Friday and there will be a new one tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. I intend to schedule yet another clip for a week from tomorrow.

The weather has taken a decisive turn towards fall. I’m expecting a pretty chilly night, tonight. Between high tides and cooler weather, I may not get another chance to record this season. I do have a couple more clips to edit and release, so there should be new clips into November.

My PornHub experiment has been somewhat successful, in that I have gotten a lot of video views and more thumbs-up than thumbs-down responses. I think it’s safe to say, though, that I’m going to pick up very few, if any, new fans who want to pay for clips. The “free video” people think it’s stupid to pay for porn, which is pushing a lot of porn producers out of the business. It’s kind of silly to think that anything is really free.

Speaking for myself, I’m not a typical porn producer, since I don’t pay for talent and I mostly just record my personal fantasies. I have my loyal fans to thank for the gear I’ve been able to purchase, but going forward, I won’t be able to justify any new gear.

On a related note: I recently made a video that I thought was pretty hot and offered it for download at a price of $1.99 on PornHub to see if anyone there would fork over $2 to see a sexy clip with a great orgasm. So far, not one person has taken me up on my offer. I find that telling, since $2 is not very much money. Oh well. I enjoy shooting my kinky adventures, so I’ll still make movies when I’m feeling creative. I’m also open to shooting custom videos if anyone wants something specific and they want to pay for it, in advance. I wish I could buy a new action camera to replace the old GoPro, but for now, I don’t know how I’d pay for it.

Thank you, again, to all of my supporters. I am honored to have had such a successful “career” in mud, and to a lesser extent, bondage. I hope we can all meet at the mud hole, someday, for a big, messy party!

4 Responses to Clip Releases

  1. clewrslr

    I would love to take you up on that offer–let me know how to give up the $2 for the flick!

  2. nakedbuffbody

    Good morning Doug; I didnt see any clip for $2.00 on PornHub. Maybe I missed it or you pulled it down. Well agree, with the cold nights and weather season changing my adventures to my sinking hole will be ending soon as well. Was down to 46 deg. last night here and a Tropical Storm headed our way tonight and early Sunday. That should bring down the rest of the trees that are stuck out back in other trees at my mud sinking spot. Well keep up the good work, enjoy the weather sinking when you can.

    • mudbondage

      No I didn’t take it down. I don’t know where you have to go to find it. I have a direct link on my other blog: … You would think it would be easy to find from my PornHub page. I really don’t know. I guess I could log out of PornHub and visit my page to see what other users see.