New Clip and Update Schedule

Posted by on October 5, 2019

I just released Strapped and Abandoned in my clip store, which is the first of 4 clips I shot on Sept 22, 2019. I scheduled the next two to be released on October 11, and October 18. I have some new video that I shot yesterday in the swamp, so I’m going to try to release one video a week for the next 5 or 6 weeks.

There is a pretty good chance I’ll also be releasing some bits from yesterday’s trip on PornHub, and I may release another full clip there, also. It all just depends on my mood, and how I feel about a specific clip. Frankly, the three clips I have queued on Clips4Sale, now; including the Strapped video that is now available, don’t impress me much. They feel like just more of the same, and they are not my best work. Since I stopped taking 3 tripods and 3 video cameras (not including the GoPro) with me into the swamp and spending a lot of time setting up cameras for better coverage, I don’t feel like my production quality is as good as it could be.

Oct 4, mudding in a thong

The consequence of my recent decision to have more fun and shoot less hasn’t really been a reduction in video from each trip, but more a reduction in quality, and that doesn’t make me happy. Sure, I’m traveling lighter and enjoying the mud a little more, which is great, but I’m hesitant to even edit the clips because I really am a video snob.

Another shot of the thong

Another problem I am having is that low tides are rare and I can’t be picky about the time of day, so I end up shooting in bright, contrasty sunlight, or not at all. I’m also making a lot fewer trips into the swamp, which really sucks all around. Summer will be over soon, and I have no reason to believe that next summer will be any better.

Mid-orgasm, but you can’t really tell

The good news is that I managed to catch one of those rare low tides yesterday morning and I had a pretty good time, playing in my recently discovered mud hole. I was able to go completely under while fully vertical, I went in head first a few times, and I had a great orgasm. The camera caught the orgasm, but it wasn’t zoomed in very tight, so it’s not much to see.

My cock ring harness

I started in jeans and a t-shirt, completely lost in the swamp, and I died. Then I took off my jeans and had some fun in just a thong. Finally, I took off the thong and rigged a kind of cock ring for my final sink.

4 Responses to New Clip and Update Schedule

  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug, the 4 photos of after you took off jeans and t-shirt,showing a muddy big bulge and the home made harness is great.It must feel good to go with this equipment in the mud..Don,t worry about reduction quality video work,I understand it is almost not done to carry the heavy equipment to the “mud podium”.I am glad, you continue take videos and I am looking forward to watch the result in video as showed the the 4 pics.

    • mudbondage

      I think I’m going to combine the thong segment with the naked harness segment since they are very similar and I want the entire thing to end with the orgasm. It will be about 3 weeks before that video will hit my store, though.

      I’ll probably run out of videos to release around the end of November, and that will be the end of the season for me.

      Thank for all of your comments and support.

  2. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,I have down load the clip:Erotic Aftersink.At first I was afraid it was the same session as shown in PornHub,but while watching it,it is different.Love the more erotic mudplay in the thin mud and the close ups.(I think,next time no use mudddy sun glasses ha..ha..)On PornHub your video is free in contrary clips4sale,but I have no objection to pay for your efforts.On PornHub I could not vind the clip costs $ 2,-.

    • mudbondage

      Try this link:
      It’s just a bondage clip. You may not be interested. I does end in a nice orgasm scene.

      Thank you, for supporting me. If I do put something on C4S it will always have more or different scenes than the one on PornHub. If I put the entire scene on PornHub, it won’t go on C4S. Chances are, I’ll put some highlights on PornHub, if I plan to sell the clips on C4S … more or less an extended length teaser/trailer. Some people will be happy just watching the highlights, and that is okay.

      Thanks again, for your support.