A Wild Day in the Swamp

Posted by on September 22, 2019

I know you are going to think I’m exaggerating when I say I had to paddle against the current both ways, but when I go mudding on the White Oak River, I always paddle against the current both ways. I venture out there when the tide is going out, and I return when the tide is coming in. It’s been a while since I’ve paddled 5 miles (8 km). I think my last trip over 2.5 miles (4 km) was at the end of July.

Today’s was a memorable trip. I paddled back to a spot I found when I was trying to navigate a shortcut on the creek. I’ve been wanting to go back and explore that area; especially since it is very accessible from the creek, yet private.

When I first arrived, I was wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt that I cropped to expose my midriff. I got strapped up and bunny-hopped to the mud where I was rendered immobile, since I was mired in the mud and my legs and arms were tightly bound. That was an okay time, but I had a lot more to explore.

My second adventure was to walk out into a pool of mud that I didn’t expect to be really deep. It turned out, that the bottom wasn’t quite solid. It was soft enough that I could sink slowly into it, but firm enough that I could not move my legs, once they were engulfed. I just kept sinking until only my nose was sticking out of the mud. I still hadn’t found a bottom, but some muddy water was running up my nose, so I pulled my legs out and took some time to stroke my cock. I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I had more exploring to do.

I set out on foot to see what other mud holes might be hiding in the tall grass nearby. I was rewarded with a broad, bottomless pit of thick mud. This mud hole could become my new, all time favorite. The mud was thick and smooth and it’s consistency didn’t change as I went deeper. Some mud gets a lot thicker as you go deeper, and some of the floating bog gets watery further down. This stuff was just like sinking in a large bowl of chocolate pudding, but it probably doesn’t taste as good.

I tied my ankles to my genitals and sank up to my ears. Then I went back and got the camera (which I had left behind so I could move faster while I was exploring), and did a repeat performance on camera. This time I sank until I was barely able to breath. It’s difficult to come back up with your ankles tied up tight to your genitals (or thighs), so I had to stop just short of going under and work my way back to the surface. I still wasn’t ready to leave that spot when I finally managed to extract my body from the depths. I played with myself some, untied and retied my ankles, and just generally had a good time. I managed to get most of that on camera.

All of these still images came from the video that I’m uploading to PornHub. You should be able to find the video by clicking this link.

Each of the sinks will eventually get edited and uploaded to Clips4Sale. The Pornhub version has highlights from each sink and some behind the scenes shots.

6 Responses to A Wild Day in the Swamp

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Enjoyed watching your “wild day in the swamp”. You found some very creamy mud, which is my favourite. And, as usual, you’ve selected just the right gear for a sexy, erotic adventure.

    • mudbondage

      That clip wasn’t very popular. I’m assuming it was because it was an extended play teaser, and the “free porn” crowd hates it when you don’t give them everything. I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting 3 new clips in my clip store from this trip. Maybe I’ll put 2 in the clip store and one on PornHub. Until I decide to close my clip store, I have to add content from time to time to keep it alive.

      Anyway, I had a great time on this trip. I had plenty of time to play and the mud was excellent. I wish I had found the last spot before I started. The good news is that I found some new places to play that provide a great range of mud and pretty easy access to the creek for cleanup.

  2. Dolphin

    Just viewed your instructional video on how to use an anal hook. Fascinating to watch…a more than a bit of a turn on. And, I do remember the clay pit video you did where you were tied up, hanging with an anal hook…one of your memorable videos!

    • mudbondage

      Don’t take my advice … I’m sure you noticed that I got the rope twisted in back. I didn’t even know that until I reviewed the video.

  3. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,it is a muddy cool video,special since wading in a blue brief in the thin black mud..Love the close ups of muddy brief with bulge and and more the very naked ,medium muddy body ,hot/horny these few moments.!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • mudbondage

      I’m working on releasing the full length videos. I’ve been spending too much time in the office lately, so my editing has moved into the slow lane, as I try to spend more time *away* from my desk.

      Thank you, for your comment.