New Stuck Clip

Posted by on September 19, 2019

I just added a new stuck clip to my Clips4Sale store that I shot on July 13, 2019. I put on my shiny pants that used to be gold but have faded to an off shade of silver. So, the clip was named “Stuck in Silver Pants” to avoid lawsuits.

In this clip, I am wandering in the marsh bare footed with my gold/silver pants and I begin to sink. Before I know it, the mud has me in it’s relentless grip and I cannot break free. I keep sinking, rather slowly, up to my neck where I am doomed to stay for all eternity.

I don’t know; I think the pants still look like their gold. Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Stuck in Silver Pants, 2019-07-13

3 Responses to New Stuck Clip

  1. coney

    Great clip, especially your commentary while sinking – I wonder if that has anything to do with my previous suggestions 😉