Working on a Bondage Clip Store

Posted by on March 19, 2019

Just FYI, I will be removing some content from my male mud store (studio #10094) and adding that content to an entirely new studio that will be dedicated to bondage. I know some of you purchase both mud and bondage clips, but I feel that the bondage clips obscure the mud clips in my store; especially when conditions prevent me from shooting in the swamp and there are more bondage updates than muddy ones.

I will probably keep the muddy bondage stuff in the old store. That’s a gray area, but there are a lot of muddy bondage clips and moving them would take a lot of time. Until recently, I didn’t post that many of my clean bondage videos in my mud store because I felt they were off-topic.

I was planning to update the mud store at least once a month (compared to twice a week when I was really active). I’ve also been talking with two people about working with me on clip production, so we’ll see if anything comes of that. Swamp videos have the potential to be erotic and dramatic. They will always have a special place in my heart and, when I have new ideas for interesting swamp videos, I’ll be shooting them as soon as conditions permit. As long as I can produce one mud video per month, I can keep the muddy studio open.

Producing bondage content is infinitely easier for me, because I can just haul my cameras into the back yard on a nice day, shoot for an hour, and haul everything back in. I don’t have to load stuff in a boat, deal with tides, or clean up a lot of gear afterward. I hope the new studio is a success. It should be on-line this week with some new content and some older videos that were removed from the mud store.

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