New Clip: Tarzan Explores the Swamp

Posted by on March 16, 2019

You can find this clip in my  clip store.

The title is a bit lame, because it is as much about humping the thick mud and struggling to escape. Most of the mud in this video is thick, moss covered peat that is bottomless in places and nearly solid in others, thanks to tree roots and vegetation.

In the video, I am wearing only my Tarzan thong, a hat and sunglasses. I am barefooted and the camera angles favor my legs and feet.

There are some more video frames in my previous post, and more details.

Tarzan Explores the Swamp, 2019-03-15

4 Responses to New Clip: Tarzan Explores the Swamp

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Bravo…wonderful video…you were obviously having a lot of fun…to judge by the close ups of your Tarzan gear. Your usual excellent video quality. Beautifully erotic.

  2. Hennie Frans

    Hoi,Doug;Nice vid Explore the Swamp.Love to do a rambling in the shrubs which have a muddy bottom.Walking enkle-deep in in the mud and then suddenly an unknown mud hole.O m g.sinking waistdeep,coming out again and soon another deep mudpit.Suddenly crotch deep, must give hot feelings to you.
    In the announcement I thought you wear your old yellow tarzan thong,but this was another,missing a hot view of your muddy bulge.Ha..ha.
    Neverteless a nice vid worth to spent time watching your super vid.The new camera seems to work well.Thanks.

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Hennie. I was hoping that front flap wasn’t going to hide too much from you. I was thinking of you when I set up some of the close-ups. 🙂