Exploring the Swamp

Posted by on March 15, 2019

Hurricane Florence tore through in mid September, 2018 and it changed many features on the coast where it hit. That includes all of the places I go mudding. Today, I went out to explore a place I had not visited since the storm.

Once I got there, I changed into my Tarzan thong so I could make a good show of it. This is the first time I’ve taken my new Lumix camera into the swamp. It is very light weight and takes great video. Sadly, the wind was blowing strong and steady, and the lens fogged a little from the heat and humidity, so I got a noisy audio track and somewhat hazy video.

I wondered around with my one camera and a tripod, and found a couple places to get stuck. One of my favorite places had a tree laying on it, but another one was okay. I slogged across a favorite hole, got stuck about crotch deep in another spot, then I got good and stuck in a third spot where I sank past my navel.

It was a very warm day, but the water was still code and so was the mud. If I could have gone completely under, I probably would not have. It’s not that I haven’t done it before in colder conditions, I just wasn’t feeling like freezing my nuts off.

In spite of being cold, the mud felt good and it was nice to be out in the swamp, again. I was sad to see so many trees down, but it wasn’t unexpected. I’ve already edited the video I shot. It is just a sequence of shots; some walking, and some abusing the mud with my crotch. The images here are from the video. This was my first swamp trip of 2019. I should have a few more trips to test out my new camera. I’m taking this one video at a time, for now.

Look for the new clip in the next couple of days; probably tomorrow (Saturday, March 16).

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  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi,Mid right,the hottest pic,love the hidden real bulge.

  2. mudbondage

    It’s there, somewhere! 😉

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