Mudpit Bondage Clip From April

Posted by on December 28, 2018

I don’t think anyone would remember, but I wrote about the time I had making this video back in April of 2018. It was really an adventure. Well, the video got filed away and I didn’t get around to editing it until recently.

In this clip, the bondage is rigged such that I can never get out of the pit; I can only sink deeper. The rope cinching my wrists goes through the hard-point above, down to another hard-point in the mud, and up to my genitals, such that the more I pull down on my wrists, the more I am drawn down into the pit. With my ankles tied out in front of me, I cannot use my legs to lift myself, so it is pretty much hopeless.

You can find this clip on Clips4Sale. Here is the link: Up Is Not An Option

4 Responses to Mudpit Bondage Clip From April

  1. Hennie Frans

    I Should say: unzipp the bondage and get free wallowing with your nice body in the black mud pit.
    But I understand also also:You feel pretty and that is most important.

    • mudbondage

      I really wanted to get free, but I left myself no way out. 🙂

      Thank you, for purchasing this clip. I know it’s not what you like. If it weren’t winter, I’d be happy to make you something more to your liking.

      I am anxious to try out some of my new gear. Hopefully, we’ll get an early spring!

  2. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    There is an eroticism watching you slip further and further into the muck…probably anticipating the point where you slip under totally. Another winning video. Loved watching the struggling. As always, super good video quality. Thanks.