New Clips: Mud Diving

Posted by on November 4, 2018

This announcement is for 2 new clips, but the longer one is essentially a super-set of the shorter one.

First we have Mud Diving, which contains only the dives and head-stands. There are lots of dives, and I tried to get different angles. After each dive, I would generally lift my legs up and push a little deeper before I came up for air.

In the second version of this adventure, I kept more of the context, and also a short vertical sink where I sink in up to my shoulders. There are also a couple times when I kick back on the mud and tease myself through my latex briefs.

You can find both clips in my C4S clip store. Here are the links:

Mud Diving (short version)

Mud Diving Plus (longer version)

12 Responses to New Clips: Mud Diving

  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,you achieved again to make fabulous vids.Love, how you throw you nice body in the mud upside down.Love that you wear your tight red/black swim and show how muddy it gets after a dive.
    Nice shiny butt,hot muddy bulge after a rising out of the mud and then….here we go again…splash.
    During watching the vid I stopped the vid several times to vieuw the hottest single frames.
    Thanks for the dives.

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Hennie.You are kind.

      When someone asked me to do a dive video, I agreed because I thought it might be a popular thing, and I enjoyed doing it. The guy who requested it bought the short version, so he got a pretty good deal for a custom video!

  2. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Truly another winning video. Mud was pretty thick too. As always your briefs were spectacular! Enjoyed the long version immensely.

  3. Hennie Frans

    The guy who bougt the short version is missing a lot of fine moments.
    While you dive and dive again and wallowing,the mud pit became deeper and deeper,pretty for sinking.

    • mudbondage

      He just wanted the dives, I guess. He really wanted me to find a female model to dive in, but I looked for months and was not able to coordinate that. It’s a lot to ask from a model who’s never been over her head in mud.
      Anyway, I hope he enjoys the clip. I wish I could have gotten Madalynn-Raye or AJ Marion to do it, but it just didn’t work out, and now it’s too cold for Maddy, even if I could get here down here.

  4. Hennie Frans

    O, plaese no women.Glad you did the diving.

    • mudbondage

      Ha ha! It’s a matter of economics, Hennie. I can pay a woman $200 and still make 3 times as much on sales. There just aren’t enough of you guys. I’m happy that there are at least a few of you.

  5. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,never mind, I understand your point of view,but I feel gay and like to see fellows with good looking bodies in tight swim- or underwear do their work.That causes the scream please ….etc.

    • mudbondage

      I wasn’t offended. I was just laughing about the sad truth about my videos. The diving video has been a hot seller. I have so far sold 7 copies. I will eventually sell about 20 copies. That will make it one of my top sellers. This is why there are almost no producers of male mud videos. It pretty much has to be for fun.

      Personally, I’m addicted to making quality movies, so even for fun, if it doesn’t meet my quality standards, I won’t sell it. I don’t even like to give away a bad video because it still has my name on it. That means I’m either going to make a production of it, or I’m not going to film it. That all leaves me in a difficult situation. 🙂

  6. andy85

    Hi Doug
    I bought the clip the longer version
    I enjoyed it and hope to see more clips as the time goes on

    • mudbondage

      Thanks Andy! I will make more mud clips if I am inspired by an idea, and the opportunity presents itself. I’m pretty sure this mud season is over, although the weather can’t seem to make up its mind.