Preparing the Pit

Posted by on August 27, 2018

I have been preparing the pit for a special guest. I have dug out about two thirds of the mud and worked up the mud on the bottom so it is very inviting.

I am expecting a very special, sexy guest this weekend and I intend to give her a warm welcome by wrestling her to the ground, tying her up, throwing her into the bottom of the pit, and burying her while she struggles against her bonds.

I’m sure she’s going to have a great time. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a breathtaking experience? I’d be right in there with her, if I didn’t have to operate the shovel … and the camera. Who knows? She might have her revenge before the weekend is out. If she does, I’ll encourage her to get it on video.

I’m really looking forward to a weekend of outdoor bondage fun.

6 Responses to Preparing the Pit

  1. nakedbuffbody

    Great to see your still playing in the mud. Seems the weather has gone from way to much rain to now a drought. My sinking pits out back are trying to dry up. Have to take couple of buckets of water with me to help break the grip of the thicking mud after I sink and play. Take care my friend and keep sinking, life is to short so play naked. Im on a bit of a set back right now, messed up my left shoulder this past weekend playing naked volleyball. Was to be in the camps tournament this weekend, but thats out of the picture now. Thats gonna kill me sitting along the pool edge not participating. Makes playing in this thick mud a bit tricky also. Love your pic in the hole, your in better shape than me, but then your much younger also. One of these days would love to come back and play in the pits with ya, but I know most of your adventures are spare of the moment adventures. Take care and have fun.


  2. mudbondage

    Much younger? You sound like you’re 70!
    I am still enjoying the mud when I can. I’ll even shoot some video when it’s not too much trouble. The last video I shot was entirely on the GoPro, which goes against my quality standards but it’s that or nothing.
    To be honest, that GoPro video looked and felt more organic. I’m expecting to do a few things with AJ Marion this weekend. I was supposed to have Madalynn-Raye and AJ, but Maddy had something come up so it’s just AJ and me. I have high hopes of getting some unique stuff with AJ.
    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope you have a speedy recovery

  3. nakedbuffbody

    Not quite 70, lol, turned 64 this past June. But the body beginning to catch up to the age even thou I still try to carry on like Im in the 40s.

  4. Hennie Frans

    Nice photo digging out your private mud pit.Hot to wear your black tight black swim brief.The body well shaped.Don,t worry about live time to enjoy the mud,I am the 70 past and still enjoy the black stuff round my body.

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Hennie. I’ve been doing my best to keep in shape in spite of my desk job. Also, those black briefs are my new favorite! I have a matching thong, too!

  5. Hennie Frans

    I understand that the black brief is your favorite,you wear it also in Flirting with Disaster 2017-05-17.It fits you amazing hot that shiny black and for that I watched the vid several times.Also a matching thong:nice to show it by opportunity.