Posted by on July 30, 2018

In case anyone is curious, I have deleted my photos, videos and my profile from That was the obvious starting point for my “downsizing”, since I’ve never felt very welcome there. Recently, I discovered that even the person there with whom I thought I had developed a rapport over the past 20 years was just tolerating me and was probably happy to see me go.

I’d like to offer up a warm thank you to those UMD members who patronized me over the years. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I hope you will continue to follow me, here. I won’t be as active as I was in the past, but I’ll still be posting photos and some video when I have them to share. I expect most content to be free.

I think some of you have found me on FetLife. I have been on and off of Fetlife over the years. As of right now, I check Fetlife daily. This website is still the safest place to find me and get updates on my recent adventures. When I stop updating this, it probably means I’m dead … unless, of course, I announce that I will no longer be making updates.

On a lighter note, here is an outtake from my July 19 trip into the swamp with Madalynn-Raye.

2 Responses to The UMD

  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,Yes I read you have say good by to the UMD store,I lost now a friend there.
    May be I can explain that the person who was tolerating was happy to see you go.
    I am since several months a membership at UMD.I think it mainly a website for women who poured themselfes with paint,choclolate,pasta,custard etc.
    A handful men does the same and some tens of them are really interested in sinking into mud and UMD show a tendency to keep out mud lovers.
    Fortunately you have your own web for showing incidental pics or vids of you.

    • mudbondage

      I’m not much of a social media butterfly. has it’s good points and it’s bad points, like every website. There is no point in telling you about my problems, because there are 2 sides to every conflict and it wouldn’t be fair for me to just give mine.

      I created a couple decades ago, and I have never regretted it. It’s the only place where I have complete control. Other web-sites; especially ones dedicated to mud, have come and gone over the years. I got tired of creating profiles and uploading videos after a while and decided that this is where people could find me, if they’re looking. 🙂

      I’ll probably have my C4S store for a while. It still brings in some revenue and it gives me a place to post a video for sale, if I produce one. I decided I’ll close it when it’s not generating any new sales. That could take months, or years, depending in part on whether or not I add any new videos.

      Thanks for checking in. It’s always nice to hear from you.