New Clip: The Game

Posted by on July 27, 2018

The 2nd of a series of clips I shot with Madalynn-Raye on July 19 has been published. This one is called “The Game”, and it picks up where “The Trap” left off.

I’m actually in this one, in that I drop a rope down to Maddy so she can pull herself out. Then I chase her into the bog and tie her wrists behind her back. She manages to evade me, as I’m temporarily stuck in the mud. When I catch up to her, she has fallen victim to the hole she so recently escaped from. This time, however, there is no rope and her wrists are tied behind her back. I just wander off and leave her there to struggle. I am such a nice guy.

Maddy puts up a great and convincing struggle. She makes an excellent damsel in distress and she is super sexy as she throws her weight around in a genuine effort to free herself. Personally, I like that we can see much of her body as she struggles. Really deep mud is fun, but it’s not always as visually appealing.

Link to clip on C4S: The Game, 2018-07-19

5 Responses to New Clip: The Game

  1. andy85

    Hi Doug
    I enjoyed this clip a lot
    It would be good if the two of you reversed roles and she found you caught in a quicksand trap preferably both wearing what you did
    All the best

    • mudbondage

      Hello, Andy! It’s great to hear from you.

      Who knows? Maybe Maddy will push me into the mud and taunt me, some day.

      We’ve been averaging more than an inch of rain a day, here, for the past 3 weeks. There hasn’t been any exposed mud in weeks, and there won’t be for the foreseeable future. I might have 2 ladies for a mud video at the end of August, but the long range forecast isn’t good.

  2. andy85

    Wow that’s a lot of rain, it’ll soften the mud once it’s drained away
    Good news on the possible clips coming in the future. See if you can persuade the two ladies to do a manhunt on you chasing or leading you into a mudpit trap and then taunting you as you slowly sink. Would be good to see you in the cut off denims and cut off white tee (but preferably without the hat and sunglasses)
    Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing what other stuff you come up with

    • mudbondage

      The mud I play in is normally under water twice a day. The rain won’t make any difference there.

      If I ever get the chance to take 2 attractive fetish actors into the swamp, I’m afraid I’ll have to stay behind the camera. It’s just a matter of economics. Even if you paid me for a custom video, I couldn’t pay 2 ladies to go into the swamp to make it, unless I charged a ridiculous price.

      Then again, who knows what could happen? I know I wouldn’t complain if they did try to drown me; on or off camera.

  3. andy85

    Hi Doug
    I can completely understand what you sy and would probably do likewise
    But i had to ask as if you don’t ask you never get …….
    All the best and keep keeping on