Madalynn-Raye in the Swamp

Posted by on July 26, 2018

On July 19, I took Madalynn-Raye into the swamp with me. It was a pretty rough day for both of us, but we have mostly recovered.

I had big plans for our excursion, but a heavy rain the night before forced us to play in the woods. That’s mostly why we got pretty banged up. Hiking in and out of the peat bog in mid summer can be treacherous, thanks to saw grass and man eating lizards; mostly the saw grass.

Maddy got herself stuck (with a little help from me), and that was the first clip I released called The Trap. After that wrapped, I dropped her a rope and let her drag herself out (on camera of course), then, after she got out, I chased her down, tied her wrists, and chased her back into the hole where she was now double-stuck.

Maddy gives a very convincing struggle, and her facial expressions are very convincing. There were a couple times when I considered rescuing her, but I came to my senses in a nick of time.

The second clip will be released when I get time to edit it. It has taken me this long just to update my blog. I have suddenly gotten very busy with work and some personal challenges.

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