Dropped Head-first into the Mud Pit

Posted by on June 30, 2018

I started this scene with high aspirations. I had to abort my first attempt because I found I couldn’t safely hang upside down with a gag in my mouth. Especially when I had mud flowing into my nose. Fortunately, I was able to free myself and restart without the gag. The problem was that I was starting with mud in my hair and in my eyes, and lots of other places. I had planned to start out clean.

The setup was pretty intense, and it wasn’t designed for an early escape. In a nutshell, I was suspended over the pit, upside down, with my wrists tightly tied to a hip harness and a second up-line from my genitals; just to make it interesting.

After about 8 minutes, I was dropped, head-first, into the mud. My wrists were still bound to the hip harness, but I was no longer hanging on the rope that was holding them, so I was able to work myself free after a few minutes, struggling in the pit.

This was a fun scene, but I must say it was a lot of trouble for what ended up being about 12 minutes of fun. I wish I could have kept the gag, but what fun is it if you end up choking to death on your own saliva?

My only other regret was having my main camera pointed too low, but I had two other cameras, so I got most of what I wanted from the video. I might put the video up for sale, or I might make a short video and offer it for free, or as a “name your price” video on UMD.

2 Responses to Dropped Head-first into the Mud Pit

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Look forward to seeing your video of this adventure, although, I must confess, I hardly ever look at UMD. Should be great fun watching your struggle in the mud pit.

    • mudbondage

      If I put it on UMD as a “Name your price” video, people who were interested could get the video for $0, but only with another purchase on UMD. It’s sort of a way to encourage people to purchase other videos; not necessarily mine, but they get a 2 for 1 deal.
      I’ll probably put it on C4S to keep my clip store alive. I can’t give it away there, but anyone who doesn’t do UMD can purchase it there. I finished editing it, yesterday. I’ll probably be putting it on C4S soon. I might make a shorter version for UMD.