Mosquito Season

Posted by on June 6, 2018

mosquito smorgasbord

Oh, my gosh! The mosquitoes are worse than I can remember them ever being. When I went to play in the mud pit in the woods, yesterday, I couldn’t get into the mud fast enough. The mosquitoes were attacking me while I was trying to rig a rope to the bottom of the pit.

Anyway, I was mostly playing for fun. I wanted to tie myself to the bottom of the mud pit by my genitals, so I could not get out. The rope is also held tight by the buoyancy of my body, so it is an intense predicament. It makes a terribly boring video. However, I did set up one camera, in case I could get some interesting stills from it, but the camera only recorded the first (most boring) part of the scene, because the battery was nearly dead. I guess I should have checked the battery level.

At the end of my scene, my body was completely covered in mud and the light was really nice, so I was looking forward to grabbing some stills from the video camera, which had already turned itself off.

Now here is the crazy part. Today, I re-enacted a shorter version of the same scene, at the same time of day, so I could get some still photos of my mud-covered body when I was done. I didn’t even bother with the video camera. I just set up a still camera to take a photo every 20 seconds for 30 minutes.

dramatic escape!

The photo at the top left shows one of my worse mosquito bites and how vulnerable I was while setting up. The others are after the struggle was over. I am just posing and hoping I don’t lose too much blood waiting for the camera to take a picture.

p.s. I think I still have a couple of videos to release to my clip store. I should get them all out this month (June). I haven’t recorded anything new, lately, for reasons I already discussed.

5 Responses to Mosquito Season

  1. Hennie Frans

    First pic:nice clean body in tight blue brief in your mud pit.The other pics:love the body covered with black mud and dirty gear.

    • mudbondage

      Hey! It’s good to hear from you. Glad you liked my silly photos. I set up this entire scene for one photo! I hope to get some more pictures this weekend. I expect to have a visitor who wants to get muddy. We’re going to try out both pits and maybe even go into the swamp.

  2. Hennie Frans

    That is a fine message.Hope to see an exciting duo together in black mud.

  3. nakedbuffbody

    Lord yes, the mosquitoes, yellow flies and deer flies are horrible this year. I have to either be covered from head to toe with OFF or mud to keep them from biting. Nice pics, glad to see you still getting out in the mud. Been doing some mud sinking myself, but have to back off a bit. I had one neck deep really thick mud sink and pulled a couple muscles in my low back and groin. Didnt think it was going to be that thick, should have had a bucket of water handy to help break the suction. Anyways keep up your great work. Always enjoy seeing you out and about in the muck.

    • mudbondage

      Sorry to hear you were injured. I really haven’t been out that much, this year. I have been spending a lot of time in my woods, but that is getting very difficult, thanks to the swarms of mosquitoes. It sucks when you want to be tied to something, barely able to move, and you’re being eaten alive. 🙂