Face Down in the Clay (new clip)

Posted by on May 29, 2018

This was a fun clip to make. I think it’s interesting because you can see me wriggling my hips, trying to minimize the discomfort and also teasing myself at the same time.

The best way to appreciate this clip is to watch the free teaser clip, but here is a description in case the setup isn’t clear. My wrists are tied in front of me, my ankles are tied to a tree (off camera), and my hips are hiked up by a rope around my genitals. Since I must take the weight off of my hips and I can’t pull my ankles under me, I have to push down on my wrists. As a consequence, my wrists are pushed deeper into the thick clay, and my face descends slowly towards the clay until I am up to my shoulders and my face is planted in the clay. Breathing isn’t a problem because the clay is very thick. However, escape is impossible, and I can get no relief for my genitals.

This clip should be available in both of my clip stores. Here is the link to C4S: Face Down in the Clay, 2018-05-25, check my UMD Store if you’re a UMD member.

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