New Clip: Plastic Covered Swamp Mud

Posted by on May 22, 2018

On May 11, I took a heavier sheet of plastic into the swamp to give it one more shot. This time, I selected a spot in the swamp where the mud wasn’t so thick, so I would be able to sink deeper. The softer mud made it harder to manage the plastic, so I had a bit of a struggle just getting started.

I did manage to sink straight down in the middle of the plastic sheet, so it would wrap around me like a vacuum sealed bag. I wasn’t sure how I’d get my legs free, even as I was sinking up to my shoulders. Just the idea of not being able to escape gets my motor running.

I managed to go completely under before I extricated myself from the plastic sheeting and started another scene with my muddy body on top of the mud covered plastic. I pulled the plastic over me for a couple minutes, then I decided to masturbate. Just to make it more interesting, I pulled part of the plastic sheeting over my face while I stroked myself. Eventually, I had a pretty loud orgasm.

Direct link (C4S): Plastic Covered Swamp Mud, 2018-05-11

(I’m having technical trouble, uploading to, so I’ll be adding this clip there at a future time)

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