The second Tarzan Trial Clip

Posted by on May 7, 2018

Since Tarzan couldn’t escape from his first predicament (see Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1), he had to endure yet another torturous, inescapable torment.

In this scene, Tarzan is tied across the pit again, but this time, he is in an upright position. His left wrist is tied to a tree on one side of the pit and his right wrist is tied to a tree on the opposite side. His ankles are bound together, so he cannot get his legs out of the mire once he starts sinking. Eventually, he sinks almost to his armpits, all the while, struggling and trying desperately to escape. He knows, if he is still there when the natives return from their hunt, they will find something even more devious to subject him to.

Direct link to clip on C4S: Tarzan’s Trials, Vol. 2

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