Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

Posted by on April 28, 2018

The last time we saw Tarzan he sank out of sight in a bog and we thought he was a goner. However, he was rescued by a band of natives who wanted the opportunity to torture him. This clip is the first trial to which Tarzan is subjected. He is stretched out over a muddy bog with his wrists tied to a tree on one side and his ankles tied to a tree on the opposite side. There is no possibility of escape, so the natives just leave him there to struggle, helplessly, while they hunt for food.

Tarzan struggles against his bonds. He tries desperately to escape. Anyone could molest him in this situation, as he would be helpless to stop them. Are the natives going to leave him there to die? Will he find a way to escape on his own? Will someone find him before the natives return, and, if they do, what will they do to him?

Direct link (C4S): Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

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2 Responses to Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

  1. Hennie Frans

    Ho Doug,nice vid. of youTarzan’s Trials.Love the kind of mudholes,hidden between grasses and scrubs, so deceitful for a sudden sink.
    I enjoy the vid,but allow me to have some criticism.
    First:you have been tied up, the ropes round ur wrists and ankles.The only moves that were possible then wallowing to the left side and back to the right side.Not many actions (f.i. jerking)not possible.
    But I think in this case 17 minutes vid.is too long,I should advise 10 minutes.
    Second:the mud pit is excellent,behalve the mud should be thinner,more water.
    The very good thing was wearing the black brief;exciting the shiny muddy bulge and butt.
    Also the single frames of the vid are sharp and clear.Also the focus,close up modus.

  2. mudbondage

    Thank you, for your thoughts, Hennie. I will keep them in mind.